/ MIRA has Launched ‘Fansa-aahi’ Campaign
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MIRA has Launched ‘Fansa-aahi’ Campaign

22 Mar 2023

MIRA has launched a special campaign under the name ‘Fansa-aahi’, in order to improve tax compliance of taxpayers and to improve on-time return filing rate.

The objective of this campaign is to improve the rate of tax returns submitted on time as per the deadlines.

Failure to file tax returns before the deadline is an offense punishable under the Tax Administration Act, hence, MIRA advices taxpayers to file their tax returns on time.

Under this campaign, MIRA will conduct activities to encourage timely filing of tax returns to increase the proportion of tax returns filed on time. MIRA will also facilitate taxpayers who are registered at MIRA, who no longer conduct any business activity due to cessation of business or any other reason, to deregister their businesses under this campaign. In this regard, businesses identified by MIRA as inactive will be given the opportunity to deregister via email. Along with this, tax related fines of those who wish to deregister under this campaign will be waived off according to MIRA.

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