/ MIRA Publishes Compliance Improvement Plan 2023-2024
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MIRA Publishes Compliance Improvement Plan 2023-2024

13 Feb 2023

MIRA has published their Compliance Improvement Plan for 2023-2024 on their website. Unlike previous years, this time MIRA has prepared their Compliance Improvement Plan for the next two years based on industry tax compliance risks and activities that can be implemented to take appropriate action against those risks. The Compliance Improvement Plan also includes special activities planned to be implemented over the next two years in addition to the activities planned to assist taxpayers on a regular basis.

General compliance interventions specified in the Compliance Improvement Plan include educating taxpayers and the public about the recent GST rate change, facilitating taxpayers operating across the country through visits, conducting training sessions for specific audiences and simplifying tax return filing. Additionally, it also includes detecting non-compliers and taking appropriate measures to encourage compliance.

Specific compliance interventions of the Compliance Improvement Plan are targeted towards treating risks identified from registration, filing, payment, and accurate reporting. In this regard, emphasis is given on non-compliance identified from specific tax types, taxpayer sizes and regions.

MIRA informs that in addition to the target areas specified in the Compliance Improvement Plan, they will continue their efforts in detecting and deterring non-compliance based on information available from government institutions, regulatory bodies, and other relevant stakeholders.

The Compliance Improvement Plan is designed to achieve the objectives of MIRA’s Compliance Risk Management Policy. MIRA’s Compliance Risk Management Policy aims to increase voluntary compliance of taxpayers by making it easier to meet tax obligations, and to reduce non-compliance through enforcement actions. In this regard, from 2020 onwards, MIRA has been introducing an annual Compliance Improvement Plan for every subsequent year.


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