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Persons’ carrying on business in Male’ Region (Male, Vilimale’ Hulhumale’ and Thilafushi)

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Persons’ carrying on business in the Tourism Sector

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Persons’ carrying business outside Male' region

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Persons’ carrying on business in Male’ Region (Male, Vilimale’ Hulhumale’ and Thilafushi)

Name Address TIN Activities Atoll Island

3 Hearts Investments Private Limited Dhon Bageechaage / Galolhu / Male' City 1076168GST501 3 Hearts Investments Private Limited;Tendrils Male' City Galolhu

Abdul Hadhee Aboobakuru White Girl / Henveiru / Male' City 1054801GST501 Aha Investment Male' City Henveiru

Abdul Rasheed Ali Yellow Flower / Maafannu / Male' City 1015342GST501 A M Sunshine Male' City Maafannu

Abdulla Ali Vattaru / Henveiru / Male' City 1019625GST501 At.G Builders & Investments Counter Male' City Henveiru

Abdulla Jameel Hulhumale' Flat No.72-2-05 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1069608GST501 Faiza Selection Male' City Hulhumale'

Abdulla Khaleel Lot No. 10159 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1002796GST501 Banner;Sip Takeaway Male' City Hulhumale'

Abdulla Rashad Dhiggakuri / Villimale' / Male' City 1083837GST501 Grill House Male' City Villimale'

Adam Ahmed Four Moons / Maafannu / Male' City 1012749GST501 Yam Trade Male' City Maafannu

Adam Ali Muliagekoshi Number8 / Galolhu / Male' City 1020636GST501 Aliroadhi Investment Male' City Galolhu

Ahmed Ameen Seawall / Maafannu / Male' City 1021345GST501 Ahmed Ameen Counter Male' City Maafannu

Ahmed Ariz Amir Delphi / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1088350GST501 Pomegrand Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Ahmed Haleem 14 No. / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1020404GST501 H.A Supplies Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Ahmed Khasheen Flat No. 2-1-2 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1052619GST501 Mudhaa Lounge Male' City Hulhumale'

Ahmed Naiz Dream Villa / Maafannu / Male' City 1043442GST501 Prime Sky Male' City Maafannu

Ahmed Nashid Dhekunuge / Maafannu / Male' City 1002141GST501 Savannah Mart Male' City Maafannu

Ahmed Nazim Reethimaage Aage / Galolhu / Male' City 1031116GST501 A N Investment;An Mart Male' City Galolhu

Ahmed Rushdee Light Grey / Galolhu / Male' City 1027721GST501 Sai Trade;Shai Trade Male' City Galolhu

Ahmed Sabig Gloryge / Maafannu / Male' City 1001962GST501 Diplomat-2;G.L Style;Gl Xclusive;Park Way-2;Parkway3;Golden Lane -1 (Counter);G.L Kids Zone;Golden Lane Addu;Season Trade;G L Shop Male' City Maafannu

Ahmed Saeed Neighbour / Henveiru / Male' City 1002530GST501 Imprint Male' City Henveiru

Ahmed Shiham Lot No: 11279 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1043047GST501 The Hybrid Male' City Hulhumale'

Aishath Mohamed Sanoaramaa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1022649GST501 Super Fresh Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Ali Ashjau Anathara Resort And Spa Maldives / K.Dhigufinolhu 1015612GST502 Veli Shop K. Dhigufinolhu

Ali Fayaz Shadhaadh / Henveiru / Male' City 1069986GST501 Sun Cushion Male' City Henveiru

Ali Ibrahim Fahugoathi / Villimale' / Male' City 1050696GST501 Nine Star Diving Male' City Villimale'

Ali Shameem Choir / Henveiru / Male' City 1018650GST501 Choir Mart Male' City Henveiru

Ali Yoosuf Dhaftharu No Rs 10082 / Henveiru / Male' City 1047246GST501 Frozen Tech Male' City Henveiru

Alke Private Limited Rainforest Apartments / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1092426GST501 Alke Private Limited Male' City Hulhumale'

Aman Company Private Limited Banff Villa / Maafannu / Male' City 1086004GST501 Aman Company Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Aminath Fazly Mohamed Villingili Palace / Villimale' / Male' City 1050331GST501 Alas Male' City Villimale'

Aminath Ibrahim Kudarah Island Resort / Adh.Kudarah 1078451GST501 Shajoo Adh. Kudarah

Aminath Liushaa Kimlaas / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1034487GST501 Lico Café;Iskandhar Cafeteria;Lico Catering Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Aminath Shalveena Saaraa Villa / Villimale' / Male' City 1074839GST501 Fiasco Investment Male' City Villimale'

Aminath Shamiya Vifaari Hiyaa / Galolhu / Male' City 1008425GST501 Avista Male' City Galolhu

Apquo Group Pvt Ltd Araakuri / Galolhu / Male' City 1047292GST501 Apquo Group Pvt Ltd Male' City Galolhu

Aquada Private Limited Iona / Galolhu / Male' City 1017663GST501 Aquada(Counter) Male' City Galolhu

Arisin Private Limited Sun East / Galolhu / Male' City 1017938GST501 Arisin Pvt Ltd Male' City Galolhu

Ark - X Private Limited Kanmatheege / Maafannu / Male' City 1052113GST501 Ark-X Cafe Male' City Maafannu

Asbeelaa Investment Pvt Ltd Suthulige / Galolhu / Male' City 1023316GST501 Asbeelaa Investment Pvt Ltd;Asbeelaa Investment Male' City Galolhu

Ashraf Saeed Kurigam / Maafannu / Male' City 1014661GST501 Tiger Team Male' City Maafannu

Avant Garde Lawyers Pvt Ltd Mialani / Henveiru / Male' City 1000615GST501 Avant Garde Lawers Pvt Ltd Male' City Henveiru

Avista Investment Pvt Ltd Male Hiyaa 1(15-03) / Maafannu / Male' City 1010624GST501 Avistainvestment Pvt Ltd;Velaa Express Male' City Maafannu

Ayznash Construction Private Limited Hulhemale' 105-3-04 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1078484GST501 Ayznash Construction Private Limited Male' City Hulhumale'

Aztec Holdings Private Limited Aabin / Galolhu / Male' City 1069176GST501 Aztec Holdings Private Limited Male' City Galolhu

Baa Investment Pvt Ltd Naheedhee Manzil / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1019454GST501 Baa Investment Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Besler Maldives Private Limited Nooali / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1081352GST501 Besler Maldives Private Limited;Besler Maldives Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Boulders And Bulls Pvt Ltd Kurahaage / Maafannu / Male' City 1020896GST501 Boulders And Bulls Pvt Ltd;Boulders And Bulls Counter Male' City Maafannu

Brimstone Construction Pvt Ltd Mizamaan / Galolhu / Male' City 1019407GST501 Brimstone Construction Counter Male' City Galolhu

C.S.P.M (Maldives) Pvt Ltd Dhuveydhaaruge / Maafannu / Male' City 1010879GST501 C.S.P.M Trading Male' City Maafannu

Caster Engineering Private Limited Randhoo Villa / Maafannu / Male' City 1081702GST501 Caster Engineering Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

C-Dot Pvt Ltd Mekona / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1024773GST501 C-Dot Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Club Water Sports Thema / Henveiru / Male' City 1086553GST501 Club Water Sports;Club Water Sports Male' City Henveiru

Consultation & Marine Surveying Pvt Ltd Pegasus / Henveiru / Male' City 1000238GST501 Consultation And Marine Surveying Pvt Lt Male' City Henveiru

Deep Dreams Private Limited Happy Luck / Maafannu / Male' City 1088161GST501 Deep Dreams Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Deft Investment Pvt Ltd Kandoo Kuri / Maafannu / Male' City 1017932GST501 Deft Investment Pvt Ltd;Deft Beauty Saloon;Zakir Mart;He Brews Male' City Maafannu

Dhandhoo Holdings Private Limited Magma / Henveiru / Male' City 1053037GST501 Dhandhoo Holdings Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Double N Green Heaven / Henveiru / Male' City 1094051GST501 Double N Male' City Henveiru

Eat Big Private Limited Vaadheege / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1087700GST501 Eat Big Private Limited;Eatbig K.S Canteen;Spice Kitchen;Axon Garden Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Echo Buildware Pvt Ltd Fathangumaa / Henveiru / Male' City 1011458GST501 Echo Buildware Male' City Henveiru

Elemental Private Limited Nankuraa / Galolhu / Male' City 1102214GST501 Elemental Private Limited Male' City Galolhu

Energy Consultancy Pvt Ltd Cool Breeze / Maafannu / Male' City 1011788GST501 Energy Consultancy Pvt Ltd Male' City Maafannu

Expert Engineering Private Limited Daisy Villa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1081183GST501 Expert Engineering Private Limited;Expert Engineering Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Fasriyaa Pvt Ltd Maafahi / Maafannu / Male' City 1019539GST501 Fasriyaa Pvt Ltd;Fasriyaa Counter Male' City Maafannu

Fathimath Musthafa Asima Manzil / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1068676GST501 Service Home Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Fathimath Shakeela Lot No 11375 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1079210GST501 Xena;I Xena Male' City Hulhumale'

Fathimath Zahira Dhaftharu. No 2754 / Maafannu / Male' City 1058609GST501 The Bay Link Male' City Maafannu

Fathimath Zoona Happy Side / Galolhu / Male' City 1021952GST502 Maaz Dealers;Emp Maldives Counter Male' City Galolhu

Fathmath Wafa Thikreethu / Maafannu / Male' City 1062807GST501 Express Construction Male' City Maafannu

Firaz Jaufar Dhaftharu No. 6201 / Maafannu / Male' City 1046101GST501 Backlog Maldives Counter Male' City Maafannu

Flaya Invest Maldives Private Limited Safa / Maafannu / Male' City 1077763GST501 Flaya Invest Maldives Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Flux Holdings Private Limited Green Light / Henveiru / Male' City 1090716GST501 Flux Holdings Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Fourline Ventures Private Limited Blue Asseyri / Henveiru / Male' City 1101994GST501 Fourline Ventures Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Freight Bridge International Maldives Pvt Ltd Bumberuge / Maafannu / Male' City 1049416GST501 Freight Bridge International Maldives Pvt Ltd Male' City Maafannu

Geo Construction & Engineering Pvt Ltd Victoria / Galolhu / Male' City 1005507GST501 Geo Trade (Counter);Geo Construction & Engineering Pvt Ltd; Male' City Galolhu

Get Fat Investments Private Limited Finivaage No. 2 / Maafannu / Male' City 1049460GST501 Getfat Investments Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Glam Investments Private Limited Azum / Henveiru / Male' City 1047069GST501 Glam Investments Pvt Ltd;Glam (Counter) Male' City Henveiru

Green Year Private Limited Kanzoori / Maafannu / Male' City 1012045GST501 Green Year Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

H 4 H Traders Private Limited Male' Hiya 1(1804) / Galolhu / Male' City 1099267GST501 H 4 H Traders Private Limited;H 4 H Traders Male' City Galolhu

H4M Ventures Pvt Ltd Vaifini / Henveiru / Male' City 1024727GST501 H4M Ventures (Counter) Male' City Henveiru

Haris Rasheed Black Pool / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1085903GST501 Sun Beam Trade Link;King Paloma Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Hassan Mughnee Sandhaleege / Henveiru / Male' City 1046751GST501 Joy Supplies & Logistics;Bread Town Male' City Henveiru

Hassan Niyaz Zephyr / Henveiru / Male' City 1015356GST501 Triteck Maldives Male' City Henveiru

Hassan Shiyam Dhiragali / Maafannu / Male' City 1060133GST501 Dna Parts And Accessories Male' City Maafannu

Heaton Maldives Private Limited Gumree / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1064907GST501 Heaton Maldives Private Limited Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Hexagon Printers And Publishers Pvt Ltd Vehithila / Villimale' / Male' City 1001819GST501 Hexagon Printers And Publishers (Counter Male' City Villimale'

Hid Builders Pte Ltd Maamunagau / R.Maamunagau 1094614GST501 Hid Builders Pte Ltd R. Maamunagau

Hussain Irfan Endless / Maafannu / Male' City 1064687GST501 Priceless Mart Male' City Maafannu

Hussain Muaz Hulhumale Flat No 3-3-02 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1035160GST501 Wheels Mart;Route 66 Cafe' & Bistro Male' City Hulhumale'

Hussain Shareef Ameenee Ufaa (122 No: Koshi) / Galolhu / Male' City 1010315GST501 Fuori Porta Male' City Galolhu

Hussain Traders Private Limited Bahaau / Villimale' / Male' City 1053970GST501 Hussain Traders Private Limited Male' City Villimale'

I Developers Private Limited Nalahiyaage / Maafannu / Male' City 1061488GST501 I Developers Private Limited;I Developers Male' City Maafannu

Ibrahim Fikry Zuraash / Villimale' / Male' City 1066831GST501 Dhunfini Sales Male' City Villimale'

Ibrahim Hassan Madithila / Maafannu / Male' City 1015001GST501 Hover Timber Counter Male' City Maafannu

Ibrahim Mohamed Zeeniya / Henveiru / Male' City 1026248GST501 Star Security Force Male' City Henveiru

Ibrahim Rasheed Green Heaven / Henveiru / Male' City 1036797GST501 I Souvenir Male' City Henveiru

Ibrahim Shareef Sunny Dale / Galolhu / Male' City 1004558GST501 Q-Sports Male' City Galolhu

Ibrahim Shuzau Hm. Lot No 10224 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1038669GST501 Vata Mart Male' City Hulhumale'

Ibrahim Sinan Niyaz Villa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1047190GST501 Ence Maldives Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Imran Ibrahim Roashan Lodge / Henveiru / Male' City 1018617GST501 Parquise Trade 1 Male' City Henveiru

In. Tek Furnishing Pte. Ltd Enterprise Hub Singapore / Maafannu / Male' City 1060058GST501 In. Tek Furnishing Pte. Ltd Male' City Maafannu

Ink Hub Private Limited Dhileyraamuge / Maafannu / Male' City 1087424GST501 Ink Hub Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Innox Maldives Llp Golden Bones / Maafannu / Male' City 1075572GST501 Innox Maldives Llp;Innox Maldives Male' City Maafannu

Intime Investment Pvt Ltd New Lodge(Lot No 10452) / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1051115GST501 Intime Investment Pvt Ltd Male' City Hulhumale'

Island Yacht Club Private Limited Hoagulha Manzil / Henveiru / Male' City 1086799GST501 Island Yacht Club Private Limited;Island Yacht Club Pvt Ltd Male' City Henveiru

Isle Builders Private Limited Fan Ari / Maafannu / Male' City 1097069GST501 Isle Builders Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Ismail Ahusan Melodium / Maafannu / Male' City 1018929GST502 Rashu Supply Male' City Maafannu

Ismail Niyaz Lot No 11428 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1029904GST501 Mega Mart Male' City Hulhumale'

Iumaz Naseer Beuty Line / Maafannu / Male' City 1005262GST501 Ukhtha;Mazco;Mazco Trade (Counter);Maldives Resort League Male' City Maafannu

Jaufar Rasheed Ail Haven / Maafannu / Male' City 1008640GST501 Super Food Supplies Male' City Maafannu

Kalinga Upachitra Pelpola Sri Lanka / Maafannu / Male' City 1019918GST501 Kalinga Upachitra Pelpola Male' City Maafannu

Kankuraa Maldives Private Limited Shabeenaa / Maafannu / Male' City 1088997GST501 Kankuraa Maldives Private Limited;Kankuraa Maldives Male' City Maafannu

Khadheeja Hassan Ageel Kuburaa / Henveiru / Male' City 1065495GST501 Star Select Male' City Henveiru

L.M.N Company Private Limited Anbareege / Galolhu / Male' City 1059024GST501 L.M.N Company Private Limited;L.M.N Company Male' City Galolhu

Lacoba Food And Beverages Private Limited Dhiththudi / Maafannu / Male' City 1067257GST501 Lacoba Food And Beverages Private Limited;Lacoba Food And Beverages Male' City Maafannu

Level Construction Private Limited Delfenium / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1091088GST501 Level Construction Private Limited Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Link Age Private Limited Finimaage / Henveiru / Male' City 1081245GST501 Link Age Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Lubna Ahmed Araa Kuri / Galolhu / Male' City 1098203GST501 Hob Nob Male' City Galolhu

M Triangle Private Limited Sithaaraa Vaadhee / Henveiru / Male' City 1056763GST501 M Triangle Private Limited;M Triangle Male' City Henveiru

Macaho Private Limited Falas / Villimale' / Male' City 1101579GST501 Macaho Private Limited Male' City Villimale'

Macro Maldives Private Limited Flat No. 111-2-03 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1095563GST501 Macro Maldives Private Limited Male' City Hulhumale'

Maimoona Adam Maimoon Villa / Galolhu / Male' City 1048821GST501 My Food Mart Male' City Galolhu

Marine Maldives Products Pvt Ltd Block Number 389 / Maafannu / Male' City 1009830GST501 Marine Maldives Products Pvt Ltd;Marine Maldives Products Counter Male' City Maafannu

Misbah Shareef Naheedhee Manzil / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1049724GST501 Opulent Investments Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Mist Air Private Limited Moon Light / Galolhu / Male' City 1055518GST501 Mist Air Private Limited Male' City Galolhu

Mohamed Adil Fehi Dhoadhi / Galolhu / Male' City 1007537GST501 Amsha Plus;Stepin Male' City Galolhu

Mohamed Asad Masfan / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1048755GST501 Mohamed Asad (Counter) Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Mohamed Didi Reethi Gas / Henveiru / Male' City 1055453GST501 M.Souvenirs Male' City Henveiru

Mohamed Guraishy Perihelion / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1097884GST501 Mosca Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Mohamed Ibthisam Reef View / Henveiru / Male' City 1069429GST501 All Trops Male' City Henveiru

Mohamed Ibthisam Ali Finiaage / Galolhu / Male' City 1087333GST501 Detempo Male' City Galolhu

Mohamed Maniu Musthafa Malbaree / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1026314GST501 Builders Supply Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Mohamed Muja Veliraalhufadhuge / Maafannu / Male' City 1016576GST501 Café Seppia Male' City Maafannu

Mohamed Munaz Seaspeed / Henveiru / Male' City 1063458GST501 Falcon Traders Male' City Henveiru

Mohamed Najih Ali Feeroazu Hiyaa / Henveiru / Male' City 1051715GST501 Cafe' Sufura Male' City Henveiru

Mohamed Niyaz Vancouver / Maafannu / Male' City 1019604GST501 Cogent Male' City Maafannu

Mohamed Nizam Blue Dream / Henveiru / Male' City 1009832GST501 Haun Mart Male' City Henveiru

Mohamed Rishfan Aazaadhuge / Henveiru / Male' City 1059094GST501 Axon Fusion Male' City Henveiru

Mohamed Saleem Fehivilu / Maafannu / Male' City 1046083GST501 Refresh Mart Male' City MAAFANNU

Mohamed Shifaz Kandholhu / Maafannu / Male' City 1055458GST501 Onawa Investment Male' City Maafannu

Mohamed Shiham Drummers Shelter 2 / Galolhu / Male' City 1023628GST501 Fully Equipped Maldives Investment Male' City Galolhu

Mohamed Thasleem Samaa Villa / Villimale' / Male' City 1041016GST501 Inso Plus;Redtree Male' City Villimale'

Mohamed Thaufeeq Dhaftharu No 4788 / Maafannu / Male' City 1002138GST501 Thaufeeg Construction Male' City Maafannu

Mon Arc Private Limited Kulhavahmaage / Henveiru / Male' City 1053400GST501 Mon Arc Private Limited;Mon Arc Counter Male' City Henveiru

Moosa Saffan Acacia / Henveiru / Male' City 1013869GST501 The White House Male' City Henveiru

Moosa Wajeeh Lot 10055 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1035865GST501 Ravins Male' City Hulhumale'

Multi Pro Engineering Private Limited Milano / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1065605GST501 Multi Pro Engineering Private Limited;Dhaan Retreat Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Nafiu Mohamed Filimaage / Henveiru / Male' City 1075192GST501 Blue Core Marine Male' City Henveiru

Naiz Company Pvt Ltd Raarohige / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1002088GST501 Naiz Company Pvt Ltd;Raarohi Fihaara Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Netocol Private Limited Sun Night / Henveiru / Male' City 1084958GST501 Netocol Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

New Journey Private Limited Safaa / Maafannu / Male' City 1077774GST501 New Journey Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Nextrade Private Limited Bandeyri Koshi 224 2/P / Galolhu / Male' City 1100135GST501 Nextrade Private Limited Male' City Galolhu

Nihad Mohamed Ali Nirolhuge / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1012531GST501 Paris Fruits And Veg;Paris Fruits And Veg Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Nino (M) Sdn Bhd Clubmed Kani Maldives / K.Kanifinolhu 1088837GST501 Nino (M) Sdn Bhd K. Kanifinolhu

Nishwa Rasheed Tusiba / Maafannu / Male' City 1094416GST501 Voguish;Voguish Kids Male' City Maafannu

Niyaz Jaleel Linkia / Maafannu / Male' City 1088676GST501 J.S.B Traders;Le Marche Male' City Maafannu

Oe'Kandhu Maldives Private Limited Sierra / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1072303GST501 Oe'Kandhu Maldives Private Limited Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Oliva Maldives Pvt. Ltd. Karoage / Maafannu / Male' City 1001879GST501 Oliva Supplies Counter;Oliva Trade (Counter) Male' City Maafannu

One Development Private Limited Kirili / Maafannu / Male' City 1062692GST501 One Development Private Limited;One Development Male' City Maafannu

Oriental Exports Pvt Ltd Loobiyaa / Maafannu / Male' City 1002325GST501 Oriental Exports Pvt Ltd Male' City Maafannu

Petroleus Private Limited Sandy Beach / Henveiru / Male' City 1096579GST501 Petroleus Private Limited;Petroleus Male' City Henveiru

Pink Lillies Investments Private Limited Gaadhoo Building / Henveiru / Male' City 1098995GST501 Pink Lillies Investments Private Limited;Pink Lillies Hair And Beauty;Pink Lilies Glow Male' City Henveiru

Promedia Overseas Pvt Ltd Holhikosheege / Henveiru / Male' City 1024591GST501 Promedia Overseas Pvt Ltd Male' City Henveiru

Q1 Maldives Pvt Ltd Izmiaan / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1001537GST501 Q1 Maldives Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Rifath Mohamed Aazaadh Vaadhee / Henveiru / Male' City 1050559GST501 Fluid Café Male' City Henveiru

Rooya Mohamed Manik Starlit Villa / Henveiru / Male' City 1097306GST501 Galata Food & Beverage;Galata Café Male' City Henveiru

Royal Spices Maldives Pvt Ltd Rihiali / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1024634GST501 Royal Spices Maldives Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

S.I.N.O Maldives Pvt Ltd Ahigasdhoshuge / Maafannu / Male' City 1047154GST501 S.I.N.O Maldives Pvt Ltd;Ifuru Airport Shop;S.I.N.O Maldives Male' City Maafannu

Saeed Abdulla Oidhuni / Maafannu / Male' City 1006315GST502 K.M.S Trade Male' City Maafannu

Saffaf Mohamed Nooranmaage Aage / Henveiru / Male' City 1070605GST501 Freshzaa Fruits & Veg;Freshzaa Fruits & Veg Male' City Henveiru

Seven Continents Pvt Ltd Boagan Villa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1000528GST501 Divas;Stadium Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Sgm Private Limited Gallandhoo / Maafannu / Male' City 1083442GST501 Sgm Private Limited;Sgm Male' City Maafannu

Shanghai Fengwan Construction Engineering Co Ltd Not Available / Henveiru / Male' City 1025065GST501 Shanghai Fengwan Construction Engineering Co Ltd Male' City Henveiru

Sharu Launch Services Pvt Ltd Majeedhee Magu Fihaara No 72 / Maafannu / Male' City 1000743GST501 Sharu Launch Service Male' City Maafannu

Sign O Frame Pte Ltd Free Park / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1017667GST501 Sign O Frame Pte Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Sileyha Construction And Trade Pvt Ltd Gumree / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1011319GST501 Sileyha Construction And Trade Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Smart Investment Private Limited Hulhumale' Flat No C2-3-C / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1085556GST501 Smart Investment Private Limited;Cafe' Yuvie;Dhi Fish Male' City Hulhumale'

Sofresh Private Limited Gulzaaru Vaadhee / Maafannu / Male' City 1059074GST501 Sofresh Private Limited;Sofresh (Counter) Male' City Maafannu

Srx Investment Pvt Ltd Green Pearl / Galolhu / Male' City 1010490GST501 Srx Investment Pvt Ltd Male' City Galolhu

T - Tox Holdings Private Limited Fanari / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1077231GST501 T - Tox Holdings Private Limited Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Taaffeite Private Limited Ranna / Maafannu / Male' City 1074047GST501 Taaffeite Private Limited;Tft Air Cooling Male' City Maafannu

Tangy Glo Investments Pvt Ltd Dhonfan / Maafannu / Male' City 1001594GST501 Novity Kitchen Male' City Maafannu

Tatweeru Private Limited Malafehi / Maafannu / Male' City 1078950GST501 Tatweeru Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Tesla Maldives Private Limited Maagoshi / Galolhu / Male' City 1086492GST501 Tesla Maldives Private Limited Male' City Galolhu

Tfc Investment Private Limited Beach Pavillion / Maafannu / Male' City 1067114GST501 Dinemore Elite Male' City Maafannu

The Ivory Sail Private Limited Nareetha / Galolhu / Male' City 1063325GST501 The Ivory Sail Private Limited Male' City Galolhu

Travel Channel Maldives Private Limited Metro Villa / Maafannu / Male' City 1074726GST501 Travel Channel Maldives Private Limited;Dhevihifaafa Male' City Maafannu

Trimarine Maldives Pvt Ltd Dhakandhaamaage / Henveiru / Male' City 1004059GST501 Tripower;Trimarine Maldives (Counter) Male' City Henveiru

Tulua Private Limited Flat No. 22-2-05 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1097505GST501 Tulua Private Limited Male' City Hulhumale'

Vaguthu Media House Private Limited Hiyaa Koalhi / Henveiru / Male' City 1059377GST501 Vaguthu Media House Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Vincolato Pvt Ltd Eththeyomaage / Galolhu / Male' City 1046520GST501 Vincolato Pvt Ltd;Vincolato Male' City Galolhu

Visio Private Limited Hithilaage / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1004505GST501 P & G Counter;Visio Private Limited;Spice Hut Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Viva Private Limited Vilna / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1061525GST501 Viva Private Limited;Viva Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Vivenda Private Limited Dhimishqu / Maafannu / Male' City 1058932GST501 Vivenda Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

W.A Group Private Limited May Weed / Galolhu / Male' City 1097547GST501 W.A Group Private Limited Male' City Galolhu

Wafiyya Moosa Hulhumale' Lot No. 10408 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1065726GST501 Wafy Mart Male' City Hulhumale'

Walkers Cml International Private Limited Whale Shark / Maafannu / Male' City 1066609GST501 Walkers Cml International Private Limited;Walkers Cml International Male' City Maafannu

X-Otic Private Limited Jam / Maafannu / Male' City 1065748GST501 X-Otic Private Limited Male' City Maafannu

Zeenath Niuma Zeneon / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1074014GST501 Facino Bella Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Zero Equator Maldives Pvt Ltd Reef Side / Maafannu / Male' City 1019226GST501 Zero Equator Maldives Male' City Maafannu

Zinc Investment Pvt Ltd Sandy Beach / Maafannu / Male' City 1011634GST501 Zinc Investment Pvt Ltd Male' City Maafannu

* Unable to contact from the number(s) provided to MIRA

Persons’ carrying on business in the Tourism Sector

Name Address TAN Activities Atoll Island

* Abdulla Siyam Fehi Ali / Aa.Thoddoo 1052968GST001 Thoddoo Retreat Aa. Thoddoo

* Ahmed Asif Nalahiya / K.Himmafushi 1010152GST001 New Point Inn K. Himmafushi

* Ahmed Fareesh Hamavathi / B.Dharavandhoo 1068608GST001 Summer Shade B. Dharavandhoo

* Ahmed Sarah Guleyseemuge / Th.Thimarafushi 1057180GST001 Bina Surf Camp Th. Thimarafushi

* Beach Heaven Investment Pvt Ltd Red Apple / K.Huraa 1047057GST001 Ocean Vibes Guest House K. Huraa

* Fuad Ahmed Fares / Aa.Ukulhas 1051374GST001 Moodhu Inn Aa. Ukulhas

* Mariyam Zoona Dhimishqu / Adh.Dhangethi 1010990GST001 Paradise Lagoon Adh. Dhangethi

* Raabe and Sappe Brothers Roashaneemaage / Aa.Rasdhoo 1089704GST001 Macnas Rasdhoo Aa. Rasdhoo

* Sancia Partnership Manzil / V.Fulidhoo 1066767GST001 Sancia Lodge V. Fulidhoo

* Tholhath Ahmed Firag Aris / K.Thulusdhoo 1016056GST001 Isola K. Thulusdhoo

* Yonder Holidays Pvt Ltd Iramaage / Aa.Bodufolhudhoo 1018046GST003 Yonder Retreat Folhudhoo Aa. Bodufolhudhoo

11S Design Construction & Consultancy Private Limi Tharaha / Adh.Dhigurah 1071906GST001 Dhigurah Retreat Beach- Your Home In Paradise Adh. Dhigurah

Ahmed Rafiu Morning View Inn / Aa.Rasdhoo 1053756GST001 Rasdhoo View Inn Aa. Rasdhoo

All B Private Limited Future / DH.Hulhudheli 1051692GST001 Hulhudheli Inn DH. Hulhudheli

Apquo Group Pvt Ltd Araakuri / Galolhu / Male' City 1047292GST001 Apquo Holidays Male' City Galolhu

Aquada Private Limited Iona / Galolhu / Male' City 1017663GST001 Aquada Travels And Tours Male' City Galolhu

Ari Heaven Private Limited Muringu / Aa.Thoddoo 1077791GST001 Ari Heaven Aa. Thoddoo

Beach Residence Private Limited South Park / Aa.Ukulhas 1060141GST001 Beach Residence Aa. Ukulhas

Beachside Treasures Private Limited Nookurikeela / Aa.Thoddoo 1083435GST001 Sunrise Inn Aa. Thoddoo

Book Maldives Private Limited Haveeree Gulshan / Henveiru / Male' City 1057546GST001 Book Maldives Private Limited Male' City Henveiru

Demal Pvt Ltd Fuana Inn / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1001832GST001 Demal Pvt Ltd Male' City Hulhumale'

Explore In Maldives Private Limited Champa Building 4 (3Rd Floor) / Maafannu / Male' City 1092125GST001 Explore In Maldives Male' City Maafannu

Fleet Maldives Private Limited Herethere Island Resort / Herethere / Addu City 1077053GST001 Herathere Dhondheeni Shop Addu City Herethere

Honors Residence Private Limited Plots:C-441 / L.Gan 1070596GST001 Honors Residence L. Gan

Hotel Muraka Maldives Private Limited Kandholhu / K.Gulhi 1086346GST002 Muraka Inn K. Gulhi

Hotel Muraka Maldives Private Limited Moon Fish / K.Gulhi 1086346GST001 Muraka Beach View K. Gulhi

Ibrahim Adam Janbroalgasdhoshuge / Aa.Rasdhoo 1013312GST002 Rasdhoo Grand And Spa Aa. Rasdhoo

Ibrahim Shifaz Shaukath Mirihimaage / Aa.Ukulhas 1012315GST001 Ukulhas Inn Aa. Ukulhas

Ibrahim Zaki Fazaa / K.Maafushi 1031073GST001 Fazaa View Inn K. Maafushi

In Maldives Pvt Ltd Seyboo Villa / Mahchangoalhi / Male' City 1001265GST001 In Maldives Pvt Ltd Male' City Mahchangoalhi

Jazera Islands Holidays Private Limited Ournest / B.Kendhoo 1080898GST001 Holiday Nest B. Kendhoo

K.K Inn Private Limited Hulhumale' Lot No. 10402 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1069951GST001 Fern Boquete Inn Male' City Hulhumale'

Khadheeja Abdul Sattaar Orchid Hiyaa (Hm Lot No 10718) / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1014515GST002 Beach Sunrise Inn Male' City Hulhumale'

M.M.S Brothers Private Limited Nees / Adh.Dhangethi 1066152GST001 Mala Boutique Inn Adh. Dhangethi

Maimoo Private Limited Fenfiyaazuge / Fuvahmulah Maadhandu / Fuvahmulah City 1085782GST001 Tiger Shark Residence Fuvahmulah City Fuvahmulah Maadhandu

Manta Inn Partners LLP Green Villa / Aa.Bodufolhudhoo 1053876GST001 Manta Inn Aa. Bodufolhudhoo

Mariyam Nihaadha Aarees / K.Maafushi 1074564GST001 Dream Lagoon K. Maafushi

Minicon Maldives Pvt Ltd No 1/ 55 Fihaara / Maafannu / Male' City 1002266GST001 Minicon Travels Male' City Maafannu

Mir Thahseenul Islam Hulhumale' Lot 10132 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1052605GST001 Queen'S Kitchen Male' City Hulhumale'

Mohamed Anwar Rasfari / Aa.Ukulhas 1057490GST001 Starry Night At Ulkulhas Aa. Ukulhas

Mohamed Azeedh Asurumaage / Aa.Rasdhoo 1095154GST001 Aloha Rasdhoo Aa. Rasdhoo

Mohamed Hassan Sahaama / Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi 1020443GST001 Sahaama Palace Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi

Mohamed Imran Khaleel Fathis / K.Maafushi 1047026GST001 Royal Pearl Inn K. Maafushi

Mohamed Sirneel Malareethige / Adh.Maamigili 1030647GST001 Chill Holidays Adh. Maamigili

Multi Pro Engineering Private Limited Lot No:10134 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1065605GST001 Dhaan Retreat Male' City Hulhumale'

Nashid Abdul Shakoor Veenus Villa / V.Thinadhoo 1042400GST001 Vavoy Beach View V. Thinadhoo

Ok Maldives Diving Safaris Pvt Ltd M.Stella / Maafannu / Male' City 1003004GST001 Ok Maldives Diving Safaris Pvt Ltd Male' City Maafannu

Rashu Hiyaa Holdings Pvt Ltd Zaifan, Lovely / K.Dhiffushi 1049518GST001 Rashu Hiyaa K. Dhiffushi

Reethi Rasdhoo Atoll Company Pvt Ltd Lily Meed / Aa.Rasdhoo 1047375GST001 Coconut Garden; Rasdhoo Atoll Residence Aa. Rasdhoo

Resort Life Maldives Pvt. Ltd. Daisy Villa / Maafannu / Male' City 1001863GST001 Resort Life Maldives Pvt. Ltd. Male' City Maafannu

Sea Blue Maldives Private Limited Love Nest / K.Maafushi 1082169GST001 White Sand Lodge K. Maafushi

Travelloyd Private Limited Uthurubin / Galolhu / Male' City 1057475GST001 Travelloyd Private Limited Male' City Galolhu

Travelosun Private Limited Kokaage / Galolhu / Male' City 1050522GST001 Travelosun Maldives Male' City Galolhu

Tropical Budget Travels Pvt Ltd Orchid Hiyaa(Lot No. 10718) / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1049668GST001 Beach Sunrise Inn Male' City Hulhumale'

Uniso Private Limited Vaarey,Lot No.10476 / Hulhumale' / Male' City 1056330GST001 Koamas Lodge Male' City Hulhumale'

Usman Rasheed Snow White / K.Maafushi 1050498GST001 Water Breeze K. Maafushi

Xishan International Private Limited Penzy Nectar / Galolhu / Male' City 1064277GST001 Xishan Travel And Tour Male' City Galolhu

* Unable to contact from the number(s) provided to MIRA

Persons’ carrying business outside Male' region

Name Address TIN Activities Atoll Island

* Abdul Ghanee Mohamed Hissa / Lh.Naifaru 1006984GST501 Alyaa Mart Lh. Naifaru

* Abdul Hameed Ali Asseyri / B.Fulhadhoo 1047231GST501 Asaree Star B. Fulhadhoo

* Abdulla Mohamed Helebelige / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1037275GST501 Emerald Traders; Abdulla'S Mc Mart Addu City Hithadhoo

* Abdulla Mufeed Ocean Read / Maradhoo-Feydhoo / Addu City 1084950GST501 Sea Faring Addu City Maradhoo-Feydhoo

* Abdulla Niham Gulbakaage / Ga.Villingili 1025066GST501 Nihovic Ga. Villingili

* Abdulla Shifau Lady Moon / K.Dhiffushi 1046452GST501 S.I.J Traders K. Dhiffushi

* Abdulla Shiham Ran / Th.Hirilandhoo 1050828GST501 Sea Craft Maldives Th. Hirilandhoo

* Ahmed Ashfag Fusthulhaage / Gdh.Fares-Maathodaa 1024535GST501 Diyara Gdh. Fares-Maathodaa

* Ahmed Asif Coconut Villa / K.Himmafushi 1010152GST501 New Point K. Himmafushi

* Ahmed Fareed Athireege / Gdh.Gadhdhoo 1044925GST501 Fast Link Investment Gdh. Gadhdhoo

* Ahmed Hameed Hiyalee Hiya / Adh.Maamigili 1053403GST501 Vi-Vaz Restaurant Adh. Maamigili

* Ahmed Marzoog Shehenaaz Noovila / Feydhoo / Addu City 1014329GST503 Wonder Mart Addu City Feydhoo

* Ahmed Moosa Dhilaasaage / Maradhoo-Feydhoo / Addu City 1019845GST501 City Shine Addu City Maradhoo-Feydhoo

* Ahmed Musharraf Masthakaage / Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi 1003996GST501 Freeze Land Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi

* Ahmed Shajid Alhivilaage / Th.Gaadhiffushi 1031550GST502 Ultra Rides Th. Gaadhiffushi

* Ahmed Shujau Sheenaaz / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1010619GST501 Power Cool; Power Extreme Addu City Hithadhoo

* Aishath Adam 8.07 / R.Dhuvaafaru 1046611GST501 Dhonveli World R. Dhuvaafaru

* Ali Mohamed 39.08 / R.Dhuvaafaru 1050551GST501 Faskuri Parts R. Dhuvaafaru

* Ali Riza Seetmaage / L.Gaadhoo 1098090GST501 Cafe Wahtafaalhi L. Gaadhoo

* Ali Shaan Dhunfinige / B.Kendhoo 1068225GST501 Shaans Groceries B. Kendhoo

* Ali Shareef Mathivaru / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1003991GST501 Mathivaru; Foali; Shaan Addu City Hithadhoo

* Amjad Mohamed Hameed Noofaru / Adh.Maamigili 1010226GST501 Cool Light Adh. Maamigili

* Azmeena Mohamed Asurumaage / B.Kendhoo 1088057GST501 Innovation Construction Mv B. Kendhoo

* Blue Moon Light Trading Private Limited Link / K.Thulusdhoo 1058773GST501 Blue Moon Light Trading Private Limited K. Thulusdhoo

* Color Builders Private Limited Meezan / N.Miladhoo 1018619GST501 Color Builders Private Limited N. Miladhoo

* Conwood Construction Company Private Limited Kashisuthulige / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1075589GST501 Conwood Construction Company Private Limited Addu City Hithadhoo

* Fathimath Ismail Fehige / M.Naalaafushi 1002284GST501 Nooraanee Store M. Naalaafushi

* G.R.P Boat Builders Pvt Ltd Kanburuge / R.Inguraidhoo 1003956GST501 G.R.P Boat Builders Pvt Ltd R. Inguraidhoo

* Global Expro Private Limited Sosun Villa / L.Maabaidhoo 1083607GST501 Global Expro Private Limited L. Maabaidhoo

* H.A & S Construction Private Limited Violet House / K.Thulusdhoo 1059501GST501 H.A & S Construction Private Limited K. Thulusdhoo

* Hafiz Abdul Sattar Mushthareege / Gdh.Fares-Maathodaa 1065663GST501 Fahi Roalhi (Dhoani) Gdh. Fares-Maathodaa

* Hassan Mohamed Kulee Bin / Ha.Ihavandhoo 1063042GST501 Araa Villa Ha. Ihavandhoo

* Hassan Nazeef Irukeythalamaage / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1061688GST501 The Rolling Pin Addu City Hithadhoo

* Hassan Saeed Theliyos / Ga.Villingili 1024972GST501 Cafe Theliyos; Kathelavays Ga. Villingili

* Hassan Visam Maakoani / L.Isdhoo 1075592GST501 Visam Decorations L. Isdhoo

* Hussain Fareeh Fehimala / M.Muli 1073721GST501 Boahura Investment M. Muli

* Hussain Izzath Haseenee Villa / Feydhoo / Addu City 1010419GST501 Easy Way; Easy Ex Addu City Feydhoo

* Hussain Mohamed Halavelige / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1011575GST501 Royal Plus Restaurant Addu City Hithadhoo

* Ibrahim Ahmed Didi Night House / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1003681GST501 My Option Addu City Hithadhoo

* Ibrahim Azeem Nooran Villa / Hulhudhoo / Addu City 1015587GST501 Multi Fix Hardware Addu City Hulhudhoo

* Ibrahim Azeez Dheyliyaa House / Hulhudhoo / Addu City 1004781GST501 Seven Three Addu City Hulhudhoo

* Ibrahim Mohamed Athireege / N.Velidhoo 1022844GST501 People House N. Velidhoo

* Ibrahim Mohamed Mathiveri / Ha.Ihavandhoo 1010393GST501 Huvaas Ha. Ihavandhoo

* Ibrahim Nazim Nayaa / V.Thinadhoo 1009547GST501 Najumaa V. Thinadhoo

* Ibrahim Rashaad Raiyvilaage / Ga.Villingili 1004145GST501 Raiyvilaa Store Ga. Villingili

* Ibrahim Rasheed Dhiggaagasdhoshuge / Gdh.Vaadhoo 1011330GST501 H.V Electrical Investment Gdh. Vaadhoo

* Ibrahim Shathir Sheen / Maradhoo / Addu City 1015421GST501 Sheen & Sheen Addu City Maradhoo

* Ibrahim Zameer Kethi / N.Kendhikolhudhoo 1030543GST501 Naxam Investment N. Kendhikolhudhoo

* Ilhaama Abdulla Arooraage / Ga.Dhaandhoo 1047824GST501 D Block-1 Ga. Dhaandhoo

* Itouch Blue Pvt Ltd Green Villa / V.Keyodhoo 1047520GST501 Itouch Blue Diving Centre V. Keyodhoo

* Kaaviya Boat Giniraahige / N.Manadhoo 1046466GST501 Kaaviya Boat N. Manadhoo

* Luxolite Private Limited Alivileyge / Ga.Kolamaafushi 1065806GST501 Luxolite Private Limited Ga. Kolamaafushi

* M&M International Construction Company Private Lim Gasru / Hulhudhoo / Addu City 1084149GST501 M&M International Construction Company Private Limited Addu City Hulhudhoo

* Maimoona Shafeeq Violet Villa / K.Dhiffushi 1020546GST501 Violet Corner K. Dhiffushi

* Mohamed Abdulla Thakulafathige / Ga.Dhaandhoo 1005754GST501 D.Mart Ga. Dhaandhoo

* Mohamed Abdulla Thakulafathige / Ga.Dhaandhoo 1005754GST501 Muniyaa Ga. Dhaandhoo

* Mohamed Abdulla Thakulafathige / Ga.Dhaandhoo 1005754GST501 Muniyaa 02 Ga. Dhaandhoo

* Mohamed Asif Lily Night / Th.Hirilandhoo 1069069GST501 Shihaani Plaza Th. Hirilandhoo

* Mohamed Asim Bushree Vision / Ga.Villingili 1058985GST501 Rausim Investment Ga. Villingili

* Mohamed Gasim Rankokaage / Ga.Kolamaafushi 1009907GST501 Rankokaa Store Ga. Kolamaafushi

* Mohamed Hussain Bidhdhoshuge / Ga.Kanduhulhudhoo 1048171GST501 Hau Investment; P Ten Investment Ga. Kanduhulhudhoo

* Mohamed Nihal Zameen / Th.Thimarafushi 1097050GST501 Kaffeine Hub Th. Thimarafushi

* Mohamed Niyaz Uraha / Sh.Komandoo 1050030GST501 The Health Club Sh. Komandoo

* Mohamed Sameer Rakhaau / N.Maafaru 1007504GST501 Haven N. Maafaru

* Mohamed Sobah Lilyge / Gdh.Vaadhoo 1069625GST501 Farnod Investment Gdh. Vaadhoo

* Moosa Fiyaz Mazaruge / Aa.Thoddoo 1078904GST501 Gadhaveyo Aa. Thoddoo

* Nihaara Abdulla Jamal Gaazaa / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1075787GST501 Bleu Ventures Addu City Hithadhoo

* Palmtones Palm Cottage / Lh.Naifaru 1063130GST501 Palmtones Lh. Naifaru

* S.A Builders Private Limited Handhuvareege / Aa.Rasdhoo 1065569GST501 S.A Builders Private Limited Aa. Rasdhoo

* Shinaz Naseem Happy Night / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1056683GST501 Happy Breeders Addu City Hithadhoo

* Shirumyn Sayd Suvaasaage / Ga.Kanduhulhudhoo 1025021GST501 Imsha & Ishaan Investment Ga. Kanduhulhudhoo

* Vaguthu Media Private Limited Jabroalmaage / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1091582GST501 Vaguthu Media Private Limited Addu City Hithadhoo

* Veev Carpentry And Construction Private Limited Hanimaadhooge / Ha.Kelaa 1099200GST501 Veev Carpentry And Construction Private Limited Ha. Kelaa

* Zam Investment Mathivaru / Dh.Bandidhoo 1088556GST501 Zam Investment; Zam Mart Dh. Bandidhoo

* Zozma Trade And Travels Private Limited Kuri / M.Kolhufushi 1068161GST501 Zozma Trade And Travels Private Limited M. Kolhufushi

Abdul Rahmaan Hussain Dhonveli / B.Thulhaadhoo 1090475GST501 Agota Express (Boat) B. Thulhaadhoo

Abdulla Jameel Moominaa Manzil / N.Manadhoo 1037415GST501 One Sara N. Manadhoo

Abdulla Zaheen Ranthari / Th.Hirilandhoo 1012673GST501 Fuel Zone; Lily Hakatha Th. Hirilandhoo

Abdulla Ziyad Ever Blue / Aa.Ukulhas 1027786GST501 Nevi Transfer Service Aa. Ukulhas

Adam Hassan Fulhu Kethi / N.Velidhoo 1047928GST501 Avas Khidhumaiy N. Velidhoo

Afrah Mohamed Sosun Villa / Th.Gaadhiffushi 1070575GST501 Cafe' Xo Th. Gaadhiffushi

Ahmed Aslam Fazaa / Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi 1010041GST501 Baraabaru Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi

Ahmed Ayaz Athamaa Villa / Aa.Bodufolhudhoo 1088420GST501 King'S Bistro Aa. Bodufolhudhoo

Ahmed Hameed Saimaage / N.Holhudhoo 1043295GST501 N.M.D Carpentry N. Holhudhoo

Ahmed Rasheed Athamaa Villa / Th.Buruni 1065519GST501 A.G My Sons Works; A.G My Sons Mart; A.G My Sons Mart 1 Th. Buruni

Al Nakhla Private Limited Chaandhanee Villa / N.Kendhikolhudhoo 1074401GST501 Al Nakhla Private Limited; Al Nakhla N. Kendhikolhudhoo

Ali Ahmed Rihiveli / Aa.Himandhoo 1083136GST501 Nasru Mart; Nasru (Dhoani) Aa. Himandhoo

Ali Hassan Seatmaage / L.Maavah 1022516GST501 Seetuma; 3 M A H Store L. Maavah

Ali Hassan Seetumaage / L.Maavah 1022516GST501 Seetuma; 3 M A H Store L. Maavah

Ali Hussain Fulhu 22.01 / R.Dhuvaafaru 1012680GST501 Asfaru Security R. Dhuvaafaru

Ali Ibrahim Kanmatheege / Gdh.Vaadhoo 1075822GST501 Yellow Apple Investment Gdh. Vaadhoo

Ali Najeeb Adam Theesree Manzil / Hdh.Nolhivaram 1047202GST501 Alna Carpentry Hdh. Nolhivaram

Ali Zafran Ranveli / B.Kendhoo 1078449GST501 Thanbivah B. Kendhoo

Ali Zahir Espeevilla / Ga.Kolamaafushi 1023639GST501 Kola Fiber Works Ga. Kolamaafushi

Aminath Hussain Hudhuasurumaage / B.Thulhaadhoo 1012838GST501 Dhirun; Agota Mart B. Thulhaadhoo

Ari Heaven Private Limited Murigu / Aa.Thoddoo 1077791GST501 Ari Heaven Private Limited; Ari Brothers Aa. Thoddoo

Ariatholhu Uthurubury Bodufolhudhoo Councilge Idha Hiyaavahi / Aa.Bodufolhudhoo 1007880GST501 U C Biz Aa. Bodufolhudhoo

Ashraf Mohamed Sahaama / Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi 1088320GST501 Sahaama Rest Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi

Atoll Holidays Maldives Private Limited Udhares / Aa.Ukulhas 1087125GST501 Atoll Holidays Maldives Private Limited; Celeste Restaurant Ukulhas Aa. Ukulhas

Bahm Company Private Limited Makhmaagasdhosuge / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1053993GST501 Bahm Company Private Limited Addu City Hithadhoo

Beachside Treasures Private Limited Fathis / Aa.Thoddoo 1083435GST501 Beachside Treasures Private Limited Aa. Thoddoo

Boavaa Partners LLP Sunny Dale / Gdh.Thinadhoo 1089666GST501 Boavaa Partners Llp; Water Deck Gdh. Thinadhoo

Centre One Maldives Private Limited Greenge / Ga.Villingili 1090342GST501 Centre One Maldives Private Limited; Center One Ga. Villingili

Dots and Seas Bodugaluge / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1081282GST501 Chill House Addu City Hithadhoo

Faruhadh Mohamed Gaadiya / L.Fonadhoo 1083066GST501 F.M Gaadiya L. Fonadhoo

Fathimath Afaa Saeed Ithaa / Fuvahmulah Hoadhandu / Fuvahmulah City 1061515GST501 Kattelhi; Kattelhi Restaurant Fuvahmulah City Fuvahmulah Hoadhandu

Fathimath Alma Ali Hill / Maradhoo / Addu City 1029823GST501 Brandroot Investments; Hubroot Addu City Maradhoo

Fathimath Ibrahim Handhuvaree Villa / Aa.Thoddoo 1096019GST501 Fine Bakery Aa. Thoddoo

Fazna Ahmed Shemroc / Aa.Rasdhoo 1009491GST501 Palm Shadow Aa. Rasdhoo

Haroon Yoosuf Corner Villa / B.Hithaadhoo 1005931GST501 Multi Item B. Hithaadhoo

Hassan Adam Maasha / Gdh.Thinadhoo 1025668GST501 Portobello Gdh. Thinadhoo

Hassan Amir Finihiyaage / Hdh.Neykurendhoo 1099407GST501 Join Brothers Mart Hdh. Neykurendhoo

Hassan Gasim Nelofaruge / R.Inguraidhoo 1005905GST501 Aveyre R. Inguraidhoo

Hassan Jabir Dhunthari / Th.Kinbidhoo 1003546GST501 Thinthari Th. Kinbidhoo

IA Holdings Private Limited Aaveli / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1070574GST501 Ia Holdings Private Limited Addu City Hithadhoo

Ibrahim Gahir Ferry Terminal / K.Thilafushi 1013715GST501 Buy N Go K. Thilafushi

Ibrahim Hameed Panama / R.Alifushi 1092861GST501 Atoll Green Investment R. Alifushi

Ibrahim Mohamed Moonlight / R.Maakurathu 1021497GST501 Arolhi R. Maakurathu

Ibrahim Shiham Lily Night / Th.Hirilandhoo 1010341GST501 Sahaara; Lily Store Th. Hirilandhoo

Ibrahim Yoosuf Lufain / N.Manadhoo 1080506GST501 Gondi Cafe' N. Manadhoo

Ibrahim Zaahee Sulaiman Kurendhoo Zuvaanunge Marukazu / Lh.Kurendhoo 1063980GST501 Kurendhoo Youth Cafe Lh. Kurendhoo

Ilyas Ali Anbareege / Aa.Rasdhoo 1010761GST501 Zameen Shop Aa. Rasdhoo

Iqbal Mohamed Paris / K.Gaafaru 1051051GST501 Ujaalaa Dreams K. Gaafaru

Ishaq Mohamed Hudhuvilaage / R.Dhuvaafaru 1022647GST501 Ishaq Traders R. Dhuvaafaru

M.C.C Private Limited Lily Maage / Adh.Dhangethi 1069286GST501 M.C.C Private Limited Adh. Dhangethi

Maikashi Company Private Limited Hudhuveli / Gdh.Madeveli 1072741GST501 Maikashi Company Private Limited; Kelips Gdh. Madeveli

Maimoo Private Limited Fenfiyaazuge / Fuvahmulah Maadhandu / Fuvahmulah City 1085782GST501 Maimoo Private Limited Fuvahmulah City Fuvahmulah Maadhandu

Midhuhath Nasir Maabageechaage / Th.Veymandoo 1050855GST501 Nine Zone Th. Veymandoo

Mohamed Abdul Kareem Magumatheege / Adh.Dhigurah 1028974GST501 Clown Corise Adh. Dhigurah

Mohamed Anwar Rasfari / Aa.Ukulhas 1057490GST501 Starry Night At Ulkulhas Aa. Ukulhas

Mohamed Faisal Kulee Bin / R.Ungoofaaru 1008536GST501 Break Down R. Ungoofaaru

Mohamed Haroon Annaarumaage / Sh.Foakaidhoo 1083350GST501 Feeroaz 4 (Boat) Sh. Foakaidhoo

Mohamed Hassan Zamaaneege / Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi 1020443GST501 Fathaa Thashi Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi

Mohamed Ibrahim Mask / Hdh.Kulhudhuffushi 1009838GST501 Mask Light Hdh. Kulhudhuffushi

Mohamed Naaiz Nelivaru / K.Kaashidhoo 1045431GST501 Express Avenue K. Kaashidhoo

Mohamed Rafiu Safaa / Hulhudhoo / Addu City 1009710GST501 East Coast Suppy Addu City Hulhudhoo

Mohamed Shinaan Vaadhee Hiya / N.Holhudhoo 1014587GST501 Local Expert N. Holhudhoo

Mohamed Shujau Gulchanpaage / Lh.Naifaru 1053742GST501 Zosia Lh. Naifaru

Mohamed Siraj Ranaura / Th.Dhiyamigili 1035698GST501 Crown Plaza Th. Dhiyamigili

Mohamed Thoif Sifaanaa Manzil / Sh.Milandhoo 1078934GST501 Well Fit Beauty Salon Sh. Milandhoo

Mohamed Yooshau Aailaa / Gdh.Thinadhoo 1020316GST501 Yoobe Investment; Yoobe Fihara Gdh. Thinadhoo

Moomina Umar Chaandhaneege / Adh.Dhangethi 1025184GST501 Faroo (Dhoani); Chaandhu Store Adh. Dhangethi

Moosa Mohamed Bodugaluge / Hithadhoo / Addu City 1071364GST501 Rock Well Investment; Nine Dots Addu City Hithadhoo

Moosa Niyaz Cool House / Ha.Baarah 1017490GST501 Thilaadh Ha. Baarah

MV Reizen Private Limited Keesvilla / R.Inguraidhoo 1062307GST501 Mv Reizen Private Limited R. Inguraidhoo

Nasik Enterprises Private Limited Lilac Inn / Aa.Rasdhoo 1081687GST501 Nasik Enterprises Private Limited; Rasdhoo S.C.U.B.A Aa. Rasdhoo

Nazim Ahmed Kanmatheege / Ga.Villingili 1008920GST501 Amaash Ga. Villingili

NIS Company Private Limited Vinares / L.Fonadhoo 1061322GST501 Nis Company Private Limited L. Fonadhoo

Oilbiz Private Limited Huvandhumaage / Th.Kandoodhoo 1053822GST501 Oilbiz Private Limited Th. Kandoodhoo

Rasheeda Salman Gulshankinaara / Th.Dhiyamigili 1057736GST501 Namoona Fihaara Th. Dhiyamigili

S.S.F Aluminium & Glass Private Limited Heenaamaage / Adh.Mahibadhoo 1078642GST501 S.S.F Aluminium & Glass Private Limited Adh. Mahibadhoo

Seven S Maldives Private Limited Dhonveli / Ga.Kolamaafushi 1054547GST501 Seven S Maldives Private Limited; Seven S Mart Ga. Kolamaafushi

Shaklulla Ali Dhagethi Mala / Adh.Dhangethi 1059773GST501 Food Saver; Love Saloon Adh. Dhangethi

Southern Gate Private Limited West View / Maradhoo-Feydhoo / Addu City 1066987GST501 Southern Gate Private Limited; Southern Gate Addu City Maradhoo-Feydhoo

Sulaiman Hassan Thilafushi / K.Thilafushi 1050635GST501 S.H.F Engineering K. Thilafushi

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