Zakat al-mal

Effective 1 June 2016, zakat al-mal is collected at MIRA. MIRA 510 form, which is available on our website, is to be used for the payment of zakat al-mal. In addition to the Taxpayer Service Centre, zakat al-mal can also paid at one of the branches or collection centers of MIRA established outside Male’ City. If an island does not have a MIRA office, zakat-al mal can be paid at the Secretariat of the Local Council of that island. Even though zakat al-mal is collected at MIRA, zakat al-fitr continues to be collected at Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

If you have a query regarding the computational or religious aspect of zakat al-mal, please contact Ministry of Islamic Affairs on 800 300 8901. For queries related to collection of zakat al-mal at MIRA, please contact us through our hotline 1415.

The current nisab of zakat al-mal is MVR 7151.90.

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