Goods and Service Tax (GST)

MIRA 105. If you have not already registered for Income Tax, then both MIRA 117 and MIRA 105 must be submitted.

MIRA 205 (GST Return).

MIRA 206 (GST Return).

Input Tax Statement.

All taxpayers are required to submit version 22.3 of GST Returns and version 18.1 of Input Tax Statement.

28th day of the month following, the end of the taxable period.

(For example: if you are filing your Returns quarterly, then your GST Return for January, February and March is due on 28 April).

If the deadline falls on a holiday, the deadline is extended automatically to the next working day.

No. It must be signed by the legal owner or by an authorized signatory registered with MIRA.

GST rate is at 8% for the General sector, and 16% for the Tourism Sector.

  • If you provide tourism goods/services; or
  • If you import goods into the Maldives; or
  • If your taxable sales for the past twelve months have exceeded MVR 1 million; or
  • If your taxable sale for the next twelve months are expected to exceed MVR 1million

If you are carrying on a business or providing a service under a permit, but dose not meet the criteria for mandatory GST registration, have the discretion to voluntarily request to the Commissioner General to register with the MIRA.

You must display the prices inclusive of GST. The price that is displayed or quoted on price tag must be the price that the customer pays for the good at the time of payment.

You may quote the prices exclusive of GST provided that you give sufficient instructions to your customers on how to calculate the final price.

For Example: If you run a café and charge service charge, you can quote the prices exclusive of GST in your menu, provided that you include a note which states that the service charge and GST will be charged at the applicable rates.

Yes, if you are registred for GST, you will have to file a GST Return for all taxable periods, irrespective of whether or not any business activities were carried out during that period.

Time of supply for a transaction is the date on which the invoice is issued for the transaction or the date on which the payment is made for the transaction, whichever comes earlier.

To determine the taxable period in which the transaction must be accounted for, for GST purposes.

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