Online Payments

Tax payments can be paid online via MIRAconnect portal only by a registered user.

Other online payments can be paid via Vaaupay by anyone.

Submit MIRAconnect account request form (MIRA 111) through MIRAconnect portal on our website or submit MIRAconnect Account Request form to MIRA.


  • Vaaru card
  • BML Debit/Credit cards
  • Ooredoo m-faisa
  • DhiraaguPay
  • F'isaPay

  • Easy
  • Safe and Secure
  • Less time consuming
  • ConvenientReliable
  • You can pay your tax from your home or office without having to come to MIRA and you will receive the receipt immediately

All types of tax and non-tax payments can be made online via MIRAconnect or VaaruPay

An online sticker will be emailed you. You can also generate the sticker online via VaaruPay

Fill the form (MRTGS Remittance Request) sent by MIRA to make MRTGS payment and submit the form to your bank in which the bank account is held. MRTGS form can also be downloaded from MIRAconnect.

MRTGS can be generated from pending tasks option in your MIRAconnect

Once your bank processes your MRTGS form, you can generate a payment receipt from payment history of your MIRAconnect account.

Once the payment record is updated in MIRA, the receipt can be generated via MIRAconnect.

Taxpayers have to take MRTGS form to their selected bank before the cut off time set by their banks (usually by 12 noon).

Different banks may set different cut off times.

A late payment fine will be incurred unless MIRA receives payment on or before the deadline

Once the payment record is updated in MIRA, the receipt will be emailed to the registered email address.

The bank may charge a fixed commission per transaction. The rate may differ from bank to bank.

A special card introduced by BML and MIRA that only allows online payments to MIRA via MIRAconnect. The card works as a debit card and is linked to the account of the card holder.

Inform bank immediately.

It is a safe and secure method of payment as payments can only be made via MIRAconnect. Vaaru card does not function on POS machines, ATMs or e-commerce websites.

You can submit Vaaru Card application form to BML Business Center or any BML atoll branch.

To obtain this information, please contact BML.

No issuing fee or annual fee is charged.

Vaaru card will be linked to one specific account, therefore you will need to have a separate Vaaru card to make Rufiyaa and Dollar payments.

Your account balance will be your limit. No other restrictions.

After submitting the returns through MIRAconnect, choose the payment obligation and choose to pay online and enter the details of the preferred card to make the payment once you reach BML payment Gateway.

You can pay any liabilities displayed on your MIRAconnect account. Tax liabilities will be updated on MIRA connect account once the return is filed. Payments such as motor vehicle annual fee or company annual fee are not related to tax returns and can be directly paid from the MIRAconnect account.

No, you must submit the return through MIRAconnect or MIRA counter. Payment can be done online via MIRAconnect once the return is processed.

Yes, payments other than  mandatory online payments can be paid over the counter

You will receive a confirmation of the payment via a pop up message and a payment confirmation will be emailed to your registered email account.

In addition, SMS will be received from the bank once the card payment is processed from the bank.

For online payments, receipts will be received immediately after the payment, which can be saved or printed for further reference.

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