Non Compliers

GST, GRT & WHT / Non Payers

Non-payers of GST, GRT & WHT for the taxable periods of January - September 2022 (Published on 2nd April 2023)

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No TIN Taxpayer Name Registration No Address Activities
1 1002976 3S Pvt Ltd C-0695/2005 Rahdhiruvaage, Feydhoo, Addu City 3S Trading, 3S Pvt Ltd, 3S Super Mart, 3S Lounge, 3S Villingili, 3S Hulhumale', 3S Bakers
2 1059838 Abdulla Naseer A060373 Saamee, Thinadhoo, GDh. Q Zone
3 1054217 Agrigro Private Limited C-0229/2015 Bolifushi, Maafannu, Male' City Agrigro Private Limited
4 1022320 Ahmed Abdulla Didi A034899 Tharividhaage, Thinadhoo, GDh. Aad Trading Extensive
5 1142381 Alke Alkatas Joint Venture Private Limited C02782022 Moomiyaage, Henveiru, Male' City Alke Alkatas Joint Venture Private Limited
6 1049381 Altitude Pvt Ltd C-0623/2014 Fazaa, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Altitude Pvt Ltd
7 1098964 Aminath Shafa A274444 Gandhakoalhimaage, Henveiru, Male' City Chrolium Investments
8 1000746 Asia Forwarding Pvt Ltd C-0125/2005 Fee Ali, Maafannu, Male' City Asia Forwarding (Counter), Asia Forwarding, Asia Forwarding, Maldives Shipping And Logistics, Msl Courier
9 1061794 Auxilus Marine Private Limited C-1139/2015 Emboodhooge, Henveiru, Male' City Auxilus Marine Private Limited
10 1000313 Beehive Hotels Pvt Ltd C-0048/2006 Baheeju Palace, Maafannu, Male' City The Hive Cafe, Beehive Hotels (Counter), The Beehive, Hive Travels, Beehive Central, The Hive Cafe, Hive Spa
11 1000093 Blue Horizon Pvt Ltd C-0025/1994 Muhdhoo, Maafannu, Male' City Horizon 2, Horizon-2 Bar, Horizon 3, Princes Rani, Blue Horizon, Horizon 3 Bar, Princess Rani Bar, M.Mudhdhoo, Blue Horizon, White Sand, Sunkissed, Sailing Yacht Sunkissed, Sailing Yacht White Sand, Princess Dhonkamana, Princess Dhonkamana Bar, Princess Dhonkamana Dive Center, Horizon - 2
12 1120459 Brew & Feast Maldives Private Limited C04022020 Suez, Henveiru, Male' City Brew & Feast Maldives Privatelimited
13 1005297 Centex Group Pvt Ltd C-0525/2005 Uthurubin, Galolhu, Male' City Centex Group (Counter)
14 1075757 Coral Island Resorts Maldives Private Limited C-1236/2016 Thuniya Building, Henveiru, Male' City Coral Island Resorts Maldives Private Limited
15 1000814 Design - Built Solutions Pvt Ltd C-0060/2003 Bageechaa Kuri, Maafannu, Male' City Design - Built Solutions Pvt Ltd, Design Built Solutions (Counter)
16 1001313 Dhivehi Viuga Pvt Ltd C-0156/2005 Sonary, Henveiru, Male' City Ark Venture Bar, Dhivehi Viuga (Counter), Dhivehi Viuga Pvt Ltd, Cafe' Express, Ark Noble (Safari Vessel), Ark Fleet, Ark Noble
17 1002529 Dobiz Private Limited C-0909/2009 Iguleemuge, Maafannu, Male' City The Candle Garden, Dobiz Pvt Ltd, Dobiz (Counter), Omelette, Chili'S Cafe' & Bistro
18 1094431 Ecavo P01162018 Baraka, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Ecavo
19 1085973 Elegant Stream Private Limited C-0816/2017 Always Happy House, Henveiru, Male' City Elegant Stream Private Limited
20 1127868 Ember Group Private Limited C02112021 Bashimaage, Maafannu, Male' City Ember Group Private Limited
21 1017538 Fahamas Group Pvt Ltd C-0344/2000 Chandhaneege, Maafannu, Male' City Fahamas Marine
22 1125502 Flex Trade Private Limited C10962020 Cottage, Maafannu, Male' City Flex Trade Private Limited
23 1024519 Flexinc Private Limited C-0596/2013 Dankaa House, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Flexinc Pvt Ltd
24 1004853 Free Guys Holdings Pvt Ltd C-0656/2006 Kaamineege, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Smartphone
25 1062276 Gage Fire Safety Private Limited C-1174/2015 Fanas, Galolhu, Male' City Gage Fire Safety Private Limited
26 1047689 Green Timber Pvt Ltd C-0432/2014 Luna No:5, Maafannu, Male' City Green Timber Pvt Ltd
27 1053647 Homebase Investment Private Limited C-0038/2015 Graceland, Galolhu, Male' City Homebase Investment Private Limited
28 1031266 Hussain Iyaz A099814 Finihiyaage, Eydhafushi, B. Cinza
29 1006915 Hussain Shaheem A110344 Asareege, Eydhafushi, B. Fasmugoo Buildware
30 1000009 Ibrahim Majid A066088 Jaya, Maafannu, Male' City Jayaa.S.S, Drei Invetment, Jaaya Steel, Jaya Fittings, Ingot, Jaya Ss, Jaya Group, Jaya S.S Hulhumale, Jaya Home, Jaya Metal Engineering
31 1100991 IMP Private Limited C00762019 Hulhumale' Lot: 11101, Hulhumale', Male' City Imp Private Limited
32 1109400 Indev Malship Services Private Limited C09702019 Anangaa Building, Maafannu, Male' City Indev Malship Services Private Limited
33 1113764 Island Marine Craft Private Limited C01232020 Lunch Mead, Henveiru, Male' City Island Marine Craft Private Limited
34 1071132 Jaah Investments Private Limited C-0890/2016 Reenaa, Maafannu, Male' City Jaah Investments Private Limited
35 1087843 Jet Tech Maldives Private Limited C-1081/2017 Heenfaru, Maafannu, Male' City Jet Tech Maldives Private Limited
36 1018723 Just For Maakin Pvt Ltd C-0758/2012 White Coral 4, Maafannu, Male' City Just For Maakin Pvt Ltd
37 1046651 K And F Holdings Private Limited C-0122/2014 Hanifaru, Maafannu, Male' City K And F Holdings Private Limited
38 1098014 Kara Construction Private Limited C08302018 White Sea, Galolhu, Male' City Kara Construction Private Limited
39 1064030 Liquid Gold Investments Private Limited C-0173/2016 Sanoaraamaa, Henveiru, Male' City Liquid Gold Investments Private Limited
40 1002265 Maalaa High Rising Constructions Pvt Ltd C-0305/2005 Eriyadhoo, Galolhu, Male' City Maalaa High Rising Construction (Counter)
41 1002022 Marry Brown Family Restaurant Pvt Ltd C-0368/2008 Rosary View, Galolhu, Male' City China Garden, Marry Brown Family Restaurant Pvt Ltd, China Garden, Price Line, China Garden Hulhumale', China Garden Maafushi, Paradise Retreat, Spicynet, Resto Cafe, Coral Square, Professional Bakers, Resto Cafe Maafushi
42 1011649 MMX Traders Private Limited C-0408/2012 Clover, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Mmx Traders
43 1081275 Mo Hotels And Resorts Private Limited C-0506/2017 Gulhazaaruge, Maafannu, Male' City Mo Hotels And Resorts Private Limited, Rahaa Resort Bar, Rahaa Resort Restaurant, Rahaa Resort Management, Rahaa Resort
44 1008938 Mohamed Ahmed A040222 Petral, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Peetays
45 1090181 Mohamed Haail A327107 Karaamaage, Naifaru, Lh. Hoodh Traders
46 1003901 Mohamed Nizar A056328 Siri Bin, Galolhu, Male' City Knowledge Book Shop
47 1005790 Multi Win Builders Pvt Ltd C-0019/2011 Javaahiruge, Maafannu, Male' City Multi Win Builders
48 1113477 N Paper Private Limited C00982020 Vaarey Villa, Maafannu, Male' City N Paper Private Limited
49 1107507 Nao & Odi Private Limited C07632019 Aahi, Villimale', Male' City Nao & Odi Private Limited
50 1005912 Nasa Link Pvt Ltd C-0339/2005 Gurus, Henveiru, Male' City Nasa Contracting Counter
51 1017607 Nazaki Aluminium Pvt Ltd C-0095/2001 Banaaras, Maafannu, Male' City Nazaki Aluminium Pvt.Ltd
52 1055308 Nouvelle Food and Beverage Private Limited C-0352/2015 Paris, Kanditheemu, Sh. Nouvelle Food And Beverage Private Limited
53 1066265 Odegalla Private Limited C-0396/2016 Fanas, Galolhu, Male' City Odegalla Private Limited
54 1048675 Oziga Engineering Pvt Ltd C-0595/2014 White Sands, Maafannu, Male' City Oziga Engineering Pvt Ltd
55 1127302 Pacific Technologies Private Limited C01452021 Coral Reef, Henveiru, Male' City Pacific Technologies Private Limited
56 1017502 Rainbow Aluminium Pvt Ltd C-0155/1995 Maarana, Galolhu, Male' City Rainbow Aluminium Pvt Ltd
57 1000111 Rainbow Construction Pvt Ltd C-0275/2002 Maarana, Galolhu, Male' City Rainbow Construction Pvt Ltd, Rainbow Constructions (Counter), Rainbow Hardware
58 1017501 Rainbow Enterprises Pvt Ltd C-0053/1990 Maarana, Galolhu, Male' City Rainbow Electricals
59 1000135 Reefside Company Pvt Ltd C-0002/1985 Kkm Building, Maafannu, Male' City Reefside, Reefside Time Line (21/04/2013), Reefside Watchcare Center, Lifestyle By Reefside, Reefside Electronic Services Centre, Reefside Sony Showroom, Reefside Time Line, Reefside Impression, Tv Store By Reefside, Reefside On
60 1000633 Rhombus Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0179/2010 Semi Deal, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Rhombus Maldives, Rhombus Godown, Rhombus Online Store, Rhombus Maldives Pvt Ltd
61 1006916 Rugiyya Ali A106816 Asareege, Eydhafushi, B. Fasmugoo
62 1084782 S.H.Y.N Private Limited C-0738/2017 MF Building, Henveiru, Male' City S.H.Y.N Private Limited
63 1068917 Santro Maldives Private Limited C-0683/2016 Kafamaage, Henveiru, Male' City Santro Maldives Private Limited
64 1017733 Schwack Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0403/2010 Aimirani Building, Maafannu, Male' City Schwack Maldives Pvt Ltd
65 1019765 Shambala Holdings Pvt Ltd C-0177/2013 Karankaa Villa, Henveiru, Male' City Shambala Holdings Pvt Ltd
66 1091373 Sibco Foods Private Limited C02302018 MF Building, Maafannu, Male' City Sibco Foods Private Limited
67 1020023 Silica Company Pvt Ltd C-0204/2013 Hiyaavahi, Kudafari, N. Silica Company Pvt Ltd
68 1093054 Solex Private Limited C04352018 Mauwi, Henveiru, Male' City Solex Private Limited
69 1024805 Sun World Holidays Private Limited C-0111/2002 Vaifilaage, Henveiru, Male' City Sun World Holidays Private Limited
70 1017596 Symphony Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0251/1997 Male Faru, Maafannu, Male' City Symphonic
71 1093058 The Sub Company Private Limited C04372018 Rehendhi 3, Galolhu, Male' City The Sub Company Private Limited
72 1000099 Trilite Company Pvt Ltd C-0468/2007 Beach Flat, Maafannu, Male' City Gifttoys, Trilite Construction, Sales Fihaara, Trilite Company Pvt Ltd
73 1097373 Trusteng Maldives Private Limited C08012018 Flat 06, Hulhumale', Male' City Trusteng Maldives Private Limited
74 1001712 Vintners Private Limited C-0433/2004 Alaka, Maafannu, Male' City Vintners Bonded Ware House, Vintners Private Limited
75 1096445 Water Engineering Services (FZE) FC00172018 600 M2 Warehouse Q4-115, , Water Engineering Services (Fze)
76 1008716 Well Trading Private Limited C-0642/2009 Lilac House, Henveiru, Male' City Well Trading (Counter)
77 1017910 Wellman Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0168/2007 Leggi, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Wellman Maldives Pvt Ltd

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