Non Compliers

Income Tax/ Non Filers

Non-filers of Income Tax for the taxable periods due as of 31st December 2021 (Published on 31st October 2022)

No TIN Taxpayer Name Registration No Address Activities
1 1004092 A.B.W. Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0418/2006 Fehivilaage, Hithadhoo, Addu City A.B.W. Maldives Pvt Ltd
2 1003011 A.H. Brothers Pvt Ltd C-0014/1991 Dhanbidhooge, Maafannu, Male' City A.H Brothers, A.H Brothers, Hardwarehome, A.H Brothers, Ah Brothers 5, A.H. Brothers, Ah Brothers Sale Center, A.H. Brothers
3 1083482 A.S.I.T Holdings Private Limited C-0670/2017 DMK Building, Maafannu, Male' City A.S.I.T Holdings Private Limited, A.S.I.T Holdings
4 1047263 A.S.I.T Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0296/2014 D.M.K Building, Maafannu, Male' City A.S.I.T Maldives Pvt Ltd
5 1010112 Aapoint Company Pvt Ltd C-0014/2010 Garaadeege, Kulhudhuffushi, HDh. Aapoint 2, Aapoint Hardware, Aa Umeedhu Dhoni, Fulhangi Dhoni, Aapoint Whole Sale Center, Aapoint Furniture, Ummeedhu 2, Ummeedhu 1 (Launch), Aapoint View
6 1046763 Abdhulla Naafiz A154872 Memory, Fonadhoo, L. Pizca
7 1013761 Abdulla Adam A042923 Finivaage, Feevah, Sh. Seenu Landscapnig
8 1004968 Abdulla Rasheed A064904 Huvandhumaage, Eydhafushi, B. New Edition, Note, Fd Sports
9 1001900 Abdulla Sabah A048990 Vaijeheyge, Hulhudhoo, Addu City Appreciate, Ninki, Nelcom Computers & Electronics (Li), Space, Malaagaa Shop, Pulsar Print, Cyrus, Pulsar Print
10 1022961 Accenture Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0531/2013 Grace Land, Galolhu, Male' City Accenture Maldives Pvt Ltd, Global Ink
11 1011481 Aeolus Pvt Ltd C-0207/2012 Kaakeege, Galolhu, Male' City Aeolus Dive Center, Farukolhufushi, Aeolus Sports
12 1010634 Ahmed Saeed A001191 Aston Villa, Maafannu, Male' City Aston Traders
13 1022750 Ahmed Sameer A114850 Janbumaage, Maafushi, K. Life, Raastha
14 1015273 Ahmed Sharan Hassan A042619 Jade, Maafannu, Male' City Sharan
15 1011483 Ahmed Waheed A006383 Suvaasaage, Fuvahmulah Dhoodigan, Fuvahmulah City Choice Plaza, Choice Plaza
16 1025138 Akda Engineers International Pvt Ltd C-0693/2013 Hasowa Building, Maafannu, Male' City Akda Engineers International Pvt Ltd
17 1104519 Alidi Group and Construction Private Limited C04562019 Dhoalhabuge, Fuvahmulah Hoadhandu, Fuvahmulah City Alidi Group And Construction Private Limited
18 1079849 Alke-Turmaks Joint Venture Private Limited C-0377/2017 Rainforest Apartments, Hulhumale', Male' City Alke-Turmaks Joint Venture Private Limited
19 1017620 Alpine Pvt Ltd C-0177/2004 Uthuruvehi, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Alpine (Counter)
20 1049381 Altitude Pvt Ltd C-0623/2014 Fazaa, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Altitude Pvt Ltd, Altitude, Basket, Bread Matters, Bread Matters Platinum, Bread Matters Tree Top, Bread Matters Gallery, Bread Matters Café (Bm), Bread Matters Lite, Bread Matters Green, Bread Matters Lite (T.T.H), Bread Matters Urban
21 1063364 Amigo's Private Limited C-0119/2016 Nayaa Gulshan, Maafushi, K. Amigo'S Private Limited, Amigo'S Mart, Amigo'S Cafe, Amigo'S Motor Services
22 1090089 Anax Restaurants Private Limited C01022018 Mudhdhoo, Maafannu, Male' City Anax Restaurants Private Limited, Akala
23 1073668 Apeas&Cesport Construction LTD FC-0022/2016 Hazaarumaage, Maafannu, Male' City Apeas&Cesport Construction Ltd
24 1000273 Apollo Speed Services Pvt Ltd C-0036/2001 Sto Trade Center, Maafannu, Male' City Apollo Speed (Counter), Apollo Speed Services Pvt Ltd
25 1055944 Argyle Private Limited C-0397/2015 Gumreege, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Argyle Private Limited, Argyle (Counter)
26 1077791 Ari Heaven Private Limited C-0178/2017 Murigu, Thoddoo, AA. Ari Heaven Private Limited, Ari Heaven, Ari Brothers
27 1052113 ARK - X Private Limited C-1046/2014 Hollywood, Henveiru, Male' City Ark - X Private Limited, Ark-X Cafe
28 1024454 Arsen Private Limited C-0210/2012 Hani Dhoadhi, Henveiru, Male' City Fresh Big Eye Pvt Ltd (Export License), Arsen Private Limited, Arsen (Counter)
29 1053374 Asean Lloyds Private Limited C-0154/2015 Fanas, Henveiru, Male' City Asean Lloyds Private Limited
30 1000615 Avant Garde Lawyers Pvt Ltd C-1056/2008 Gaadhoo Building, Henveiru, Male' City Avant Garde Lawers Pvt Ltd
31 1061176 Awesome Prints Partnership P-0106/2015 Zeyvaru, Maafannu, Male' City Awesome Prints Partnership, Awesome Print
32 1053993 Bahm Company Private Limited C-0189/2015 Makhmaagasdhoshuge, Hithadhoo, Addu City Bahm Company Private Limited
33 1095355 Bayview Private Limited C06032018 Waadhee Trade Centre, Maafannu, Male' City Bayview Private Limited, Bayview, Waadhee Hulhumale
34 1060141 Beach Residence Private Limited C-0955/2015 Noovilaage, Ukulhas, AA. Beach Residence Private Limited, Beach Residence
35 1010505 Beverage Triple Pvt Ltd C-0033/2011 Heenaa Hiyaa, Galolhu, Male' City Labamba, Labamba Cafe
36 1096333 Blacksmith Private Limited C06982018 Sosun Flower, Henveiru, Male' City Blacksmith Private Limited
37 1011137 Blak Pvt Ltd C-0586/2011 Rose Field, Galolhu, Male' City Kido'S, Blak Pvt Ltd, Blak Counter
38 1049918 Blue Metal Investments Pvt Ltd C-0540/2014 Orchid Magu 18 & 19, Maafannu, Male' City Blue Metal Investments Pvt Ltd, Blue Metal Investments
39 1058773 Blue Moon Light Trading Private Limited C-0694/2015 Link, Thulusdhoo, K. Blue Moon Light Trading Private Limited, Blue Moon Light Trading Counter
40 1008017 Blue Zing Pvt Ltd C-0147/2011 Kasthoorige, Galolhu, Male' City Union Hardware, Global Hardware
41 1059653 BM Private Limited C-0853/2015 Fashuvige, Maafannu, Male' City Bm Private Limited, Bm (Counter)
42 1056478 Bobbe Private Limited C-0466/2015 Veesunge, Henveiru, Male' City Bobbe Private Limited
43 1069905 Bolt Industries Private Limited C-0761/2016 Rinso, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Bolt Industries Private Limited
44 1120459 Brew & Feast Maldives Private Limited C04022020 Suez, Henveiru, Male' City Brew & Feast Maldives Privatelimited, Chicking, Gloria Jean'S Coffees, Gloria Jean'S Coffees, Gloria Jean'S Coffees
45 1085318 Brew And Feast Private Limited C-0813/2017 Rehendhi 3 (Sihthimaavaa Residence), Galolhu, Male' City Brew And Feast Private Limited, Gloria Jean'S Coffees, Feast Cafe And Bistro, Gloria Jean'S Coffees, Movenpick Rasfannu, Feast Café And Bistro North Habour, Big Bite Biriyani, Moti Mahal, Brew And Feast, Gelato Fix, Gloria Jean'S Coffees, Gloria Jean'S Coffees, Chicking, Makai By The Beach
46 1019407 Brimstone Construction Pvt Ltd C-0104/2013 Mizamaan, Galolhu, Male' City Brimstone Construction Pvt Ltd, Brimstone Construction Counter
47 1052340 Bushido Engineering Private Limited C-1062/2014 Hazel, Henveiru, Male' City Bushido Engineering Private Limited, Bushido Engineering Counter
48 1071711 C I Investment Private Limited C-0938/2016 Veraa, Maafannu, Male' City C I Investment Private Limited, C I Investment
49 1071297 Cafe' Kan-nah Baa LLP P-0126/2016 Lot No. 11163, Hulhumale', Male' City Cafe' Kan-Nah Baa Llp, Café Kan-Nah Baa
50 1046972 Capital Solutions Pvt Ltd C-0049/2014 Blue Surgeon, Henveiru, Male' City Capital Solutions Pvt Ltd
51 1002656 Carrier Logistics Private Limited C-0826/2009 Linnet, Maafannu, Male' City Carrier Logistics Private Limited
52 1062626 CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Co., Ltd FC-0002/2016 No.11, Dong Xi Hu District, Wuhan City Cccc Second Harbour Engineering Co., Ltd
53 1103613 Centicus Private Limited C03452019 Marine View 2, Henveiru, Male' City Centicus Private Limited
54 1061063 Ceyoka Overseas Private Limited C-0863/2015 Daily Work, Galolhu, Male' City Ceyoka Overseas Private Limited
55 1053885 Chain Islands Private Limited C-0210/2015 Chilhiyaa, Maafannu, Male' City Chain Islands Private Limited, The Wok Cafe & Bistro
56 1052603 Cokes Surf Camp Private Limited C-1029/2014 Hulhumale' Flat113-01-01, Hulhumale', Male' City Cokes Surf Camp Private Limited, The Perfect Wave Maldives Private Limited
57 1004290 Coral Gate Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0216/2003 Selvio, Galolhu, Male' City Coral Gate Maldives Pvt Ltd, Coral Gate Maldives, Coral Gate Maldives (Counter)
58 1079560 Coralwood Developers Private Limited C-0324/2017 Platinum Residence, Hulhumale', Male' City Coralwood Developers Private Limited
59 1085481 Crown Arena Partners P-0092/2017 Blue Heaven, Muraidhoo, HA. Crown Arena Partners, Crown Arena, L'Amante
60 1010579 Crystal Innovation Pvt Ltd C-0503/2011 Shuooru, Maafannu, Male' City Crystal Innovation
61 1001832 Demal Pvt Ltd C-0432/2009 Velimu, Hulhumale', Male' City Demal Pvt Ltd, Demal Orchid
62 1000474 Dhafeena Pvt Ltd C-0856/2006 Moonlight View, Galolhu, Male' City Spot Hardware, Dhafeena 3
63 1070862 Dhi Choice International Private Limited C-0884/2016 Adhaarasamge, Maafannu, Male' City Dhi Choice International Private Limited
64 1009776 Diesel Supply Maldives Private Limited C-0619/2010 Misty Lodge, Henveiru, Male' City Diesel Supply Maldives Pvt Ltd
65 1050459 Dive Plus Pvt Ltd C-0799/2014 Suthulige, Galolhu, Male' City Dive Plus Pvt Ltd, Dive Plus Laamu
66 1021163 Duminda Builders Pvt Ltd C-0719/2012 Dhireylaaluge, Fuvahmulah Dhandimagu, Gn. Duminda Builders Pvt Ltd
67 1024881 Dune Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0602/2013 Saamiyaage HM LOT 10197, Hulhumale', Male' City Dune Maldives Pvt Ltd, Dune Maldives Diving Center, Dune Maldives Diving Center 1, Mv Thiea, Dune Maldives Dive Center 2
68 1084402 Dune Operation Private Limited C-0731/2017 Hulhumale' Lot 10197, Saamiya Ge, Hulhumale', Male' City Dune Operation Private Limited, Dune Maldives Diving Shop, Theia, Theia Bar
69 1070297 Eastwest Maldives Private Limited C-0809/2016 Lantern, Henveiru, Male' City Eastwest Maldives Private Limited
70 1018767 Eco Unique Products Pvt Ltd C-0175/2012 Fulooniya, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Eco Unique Products Pvt Ltd, Eco Unique (Counter)
71 1102214 Elemental Private Limited C02052019 Nankuraa, Galolhu, Male' City Elemental Private Limited
72 1049967 Entergy Pvt Ltd C-0732/2014 Sallige 7, Galolhu, Male' City Entergy Pvt Ltd
73 1061202 E-Pro Maldives Partnership P-0101/2015 Happy Star, Villimale', Male' City E-Pro Maldives Partnership, The Garden Breeze, Eazy Pro, E-Pro Maldives Partnership
74 1049504 Espero Pvt Ltd C-0678/2014 Dhilkushaage, Rasdhoo, AA. Espero Pvt Ltd, Rasdhoo Dive Centre, Espero (Counter)
75 1001557 Evening Investment Pvt Ltd C-0394/2009 Isseri, Henveiru, Male' City Evening Mart, Kalhuoahfummi 2, Evening Mart, Evening Investment Pvt Ltd, Evening Garden
76 1002244 Expert Networks Pvt Ltd C-0525/2004 Chandhaneege, Maafannu, Male' City Expert Networks (Counter), Expert Networks Pvt Ltd
77 1004608 Express Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0028/1997 Night Moon, Maafannu, Male' City Express Maldives Pvt Ltd, Express Trade (Counter)
78 1004445 Fahiya Enterprises Pvt Ltd C-0255/2000 Rihaab, Maafannu, Male' City Alimas Bookshop, Reader Book Shop, Fahiya Transport Service, Readers Trade, Fahiya Enterprises (Counter), Sales Zone Baazaar, Reader'S Book Shop N Mart, Express Mart, Sales Zone Plus, Sales Zone, Express Zone, Trade Zone
79 1019539 Fasriyaa Pvt Ltd C-0126/2013 Maafahi, Maafannu, Male' City Fasriyaa Pvt Ltd, Fasriyaa Counter
80 1055973 Food Stuff Private Limited C-0413/2015 Vahthiyarage, Maafannu, Male' City Food Stuff Private Limited, Theevaru Shop, Theevaru Drinks And Cafe, Go Saa Café
81 1004853 Free Guys Holdings Pvt Ltd C-0656/2006 Kaamineege, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Smartphone, Free Gate, Smart Fuel, Smart Fuel 1, Smart Lightings, Smart Decor, Smart Supplies, The Pantry Shop, Free Guys Holdings Pvt Ltd, Ferrage, Smart Phone Centro
82 1011453 Fresh Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0444/2009 Sto Trade Center 02-15, Maafannu, Male' City Fresh Maldives Counter, Fresh Maldives Pvt Ltd
83 1010431 Fuad Zahir A057687 Mariyamaage, Kolamaafushi, GA. Treasury, Treasury, Treasury Hardware, Treasury Show Room
84 1085317 G.M.L Enterprise Maldives Private Limited C-0792/2017 Kulunuvehi, Maafannu, Male' City G.M.L Enterprise Maldives Private Limited, G.M.L Enterprise Maldives
85 1002053 GCI Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0942/2008 Ginaveli, Maafannu, Male' City Gci Maldives (Counter), One Shop, Gci Maldives Pvt Ltd
86 1003120 Gemini (Maldives) Pvt Ltd C-0213/1997 Lifadhoo, Galolhu, Male' City Velidhoo Souvenir Shop
87 1002542 General & Niche Pvt Ltd C-0060/2007 Marble, Maafannu, Male' City General & Niche Pvt Ltd, General & Niche
88 1005372 General Overseas Trading Co Pvt Ltd C-0183/1996 Vahtheenige, Henveiru, Male' City Tirma
89 1049460 Get Fat Investments Private Limited C-0674/2014 Finivaage No.2, Hulhumale', Kaafu Atoll Getfat Investments Private Limited, Café Layaalee
90 1068167 Global Express Private Limited C-0626/2016 Billoorimaage, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Global Express Private Limited
91 1049737 Green Box Pvt Ltd C-0665/2014 Muranga Villa, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Green Box Pvt Ltd, Green Box Counter, Transfuel
92 1073150 Groway Enterprises Private Limited C-1047/2016 Groway,I Rasheed Fihaara Irumatheebai, Maafannu, Male' City Groway Enterprises Private Limited, Groway Enterprises
93 1001044 H And J International Pvt Ltd C-0414/2009 Lily Beach Resort And Spa, Huvahendhoo, ADh. H And J Gem And Jewellery Shop
94 1018029 H.M Lulu Pvt Ltd C-0259/2012 Minha, Henveiru, Male' City Kihaad Maldives Tea Shop, Kihaad Maldives Souvenier Shop, Kihaad Resort Shop, Kihaad Maldives Restaurant, Kihaad Maldives Bar, Kihaad Resort (Jewellery Shop), Kihaad Resort, Kihaad Resort Management, H.M Lulu Pvt Ltd
95 1004046 HC Line Private Limited C-0095/2006 Malakaa, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Hc Line Private Limited
96 1057485 Hedge Bonds International Private Limited C-0580/2015 Green Silk, Maafannu, Male' City Hedge Bonds International Private Limited, Hot Tours Maldives
97 1012598 Hike Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0518/2012 Shura Manzil, Maafannu, Male' City Hike Maldives (Counter), Hike Maldives Pvt Ltd, Hike, Hike Mobile
98 1018981 Honey Corner Private Limited C-0033/2013 Malakaa, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Honey Corner Private Limited, Honey Corner 1, Honey Corner Hulhumale
99 1059629 Hotsup Private Limited C-0864/2015 Vahtheenigasdhoshuge, Henveiru, Male' City Hotsup Private Limited, Hotsup (Counter)
100 1019349 Hulhumale Sawmills Pvt Ltd C-0603/2012 Honey Dew, Maafannu, Male' City Hulhumale Sawmills
101 1085324 Hunan Oubo Technology Co., Ltd FC-0015/2017 No.90, Floor 1, Building 7, Block 1, , Hunan Oubo Technology Co., Ltd, Hunan Oubo Technology Co., Ltd
102 1092430 Hunan Ruin Trading Limited Company Private Limited C03712018 Amber Terrace, Hulhumale', Male' City Hunan Ruin Trading Limited Company Private Limited
103 1076467 Husaa Construction Private Limited C-0048/2017 Kudhiruvaalige, Galolhu, Male' City Husaa Construction Private Limited
104 1012089 Huvan'dhuma Travels Pvt Ltd C-0440/2011 Lot No 10076, Hulhumale', Male' City City Grand
105 1064357 Hype Media Private Limited C-0197/2016 Coral Reef, Henveiru, Male' City Hype Media Private Limited
106 1076161 I 7 Construction Private Limited C-1126/2016 Samaaz, Nellaidhoo, HDh. I 7 Construction Private Limited
107 1002794 Ibrahim Nadheem A303120 Athireege, Dhevvadhoo, GA. Narytha, Nareetha Mart, Nareetha Plus
108 1018810 Ihushan Sunny and Partners P-0013/2011 Zamaanee Kula, Maafushi, K. Isle Beach Inn
109 1056889 Indulge Private Limited C-0516/2015 Bodufenvalhuge, Galolhu, Male' City Indulge Private Limited, Indulge (Counter), Wild And Wood
110 1050148 Inevit Private Limited C-0769/2014 Shaadhee Villa, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Inevit Pvt Ltd
111 1002461 Infotech Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0182/1993 Minaavaru, Maafannu, Male' City Infotech Maldives Pvt Ltd, Infotech Maldives (Counter), Enviromec Maldives, Infotech Engineering And Garage Works, Custom Floor Decor
112 1003266 Ink Investment Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0271/2001 Fulhafi, Maafannu, Male' City I.N.K Investment (Counter), I.N.K Wholesale Center
113 1076296 Inter Island Logistics private Limited C-0031/2017 Gadhamoo Building, Henveiru, Male' City Inter Island Logistics Private Limited
114 1053577 Inter Private Limited C-0178/2015 Cresent No: 06, Maafannu, Male' City Inter Private Limited, Inter Counter
115 1053629 Inter-Speed Logistics Private Limited C-0191/2015 DMK Building, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Inter-Speed Logistics Private Limited
116 1017734 Ipes Investments Pvt Ltd C-0238/2003 Dhoores Villa, Galolhu, Male' City Ipes Investments Pvt Ltd, Ipes
117 1006027 Island Expert Private Limited C-0675/2010 Meerubahuruge, Maafannu, Male' City Island Expert Private Limited
118 1012354 Island Line Pvt Ltd C-0049/2012 Meerubahuruge, Henveiru, Male' City Island Line Counter, Island Line Pvt Ltd
119 1000515 Island Voyage Pvt Ltd C-0640/2007 Rangiri, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Island Voyage Pvt Ltd
120 1013350 Ismail Shiyam Abdullah Ali A055880 Three A Villa, Maafannu, Male' City 3A Investment, 3A Beauty Store, 3A Store
121 1012497 Jidousha Pvt Ltd C-0213/2012 Emarald Building, Maafannu, Male' City Jidousha Pvt Ltd, Jidousha (Counter)
122 1061014 K.K Cruise Private Limited C-1056/2015 Hulhumale' 53-308 (Ehee), Hulhumale', Male' City K.K Cruise Private Limited, Eagle Ray, Blue Pigeon, Eagle Ray Bar, Blue Pigeon Bar
123 1069951 K.K Inn Private Limited C-0780/2016 Hulhumale Falt 53-3-08, Hulhumale', Male' City K.K Inn Private Limited, Fern Boquete Inn
124 1072642 K.K Speed Private Limited C-1012/2016 Hulhumale Lot No 10465, Hulhumale', Male' City K.K Speed Private Limited
125 1061012 K.K Water Sports Private Limited C-1057/2015 Hulhumale' 53-308 (Ehee), Hulhumale', Male' City K.K Water Sports Private Limited
126 1088997 Kankuraa Maldives Private Limited C-1241/2017 Shabeenaa, Maafannu, Male' City Kankuraa Maldives Private Limited, Kankuraa Maldives
127 1059024 L.M.N Company Private Limited C-0758/2015 Friendship, Maafannu, Male' City L.M.N Company Private Limited, L.M.N Company
128 1082764 LE-Triveni JV P-0064/2017 Farukan, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Le-Triveni Jv
129 1011757 Lion Logistics Pvt Ltd C-0438/2012 Kurahaage, Maafannu, Male' City Lion Logistics Counter, Lion Logistics Pvt Ltd, Snow Sand Maldives
130 1081612 Litus Marine Private Limited C-0518/2017 Faaroshige, Maafannu, Male' City Litus Marine Private Limited, Litus Marine
131 1011083 Loama Maamigili Resort & Spa Pvt Ltd C-0443/2011 Gulfaamuge, Maafannu, Male' City Loama Maamigili Resort & Spa Pvt Ltd, Loama Resort Maldives At Maamigili
132 1046725 Logistra Pvt Ltd C-0157/2014 Dhirimoo, Maafannu, Male' City Logistra Pvt Ltd, Logistra (Counter)
133 1005377 M Builders Pvt Ltd C-0485/2010 Miraan, Galolhu, Male' City M Builders Pvt Ltd, M Builders (Counter), M-Glass And Aluminium
134 1069286 M.C.C Private Limited C-0718/2016 Lily Maage, Dhangethi, ADh. M.C.C Private Limited
135 1019521 M.E Jazeera Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0117/2013 Ranvilaage, Henveiru, Male' City M.E Jazeera Maldives Pvt Ltd, Jazeera Me Travels
136 1088548 M.G.G Company Private Limited C-1203/2017 Housten, Madaveli, GDh. M.G.G Company Private Limited, G - Choice
137 1109468 Madai Private Limited C09722019 Fifty FlowerT, Thulhaadhoo, B. Madai Private Limited
138 1017683 Maldives Guru Pvt Ltd C-0584/2010 Seevaan, Hithadhoo, Addu City Seven Holidays Private Limited, Maldives Guru (Counter)
139 1009830 Marine Maldives Products Pvt Ltd C-0526/2011 Block No. 389, Maafannu, Male' City Marine Maldives Products Pvt Ltd, Marine Maldives Products Counter
140 1046549 Master Wayne Private Limited C-0095/2014 Sabudhelige, Maafannu, Male' City Master Wayne Private Limited, Stone Oven
141 1056778 Mathana Private Limited C-0486/2015 Dhigalagedharu, Fuvahmulah Dhiguvaadu, Gn. Mathana Private Limited, Bend The Trend
142 1018791 Max Value Pvt Ltd C-0006/2013 Ahmadhee Aabaadhu, Maafannu, Male' City Max Value Pvt Ltd, Max Value (Counter)
143 1003161 Medhufushi Investment Pvt Ltd C-0005/1985 Neem Building, Galolhu, Male' City Vaaly Brothers 2, Medhufushi Island Resort, Vaaly Brothers 1, Medhufushi Island Resort Cofee Shop, Medhufushi Island Resort Management, Medhufushi Island Resort Bar, Medhufushi Island Resort Restaurant, Medhufushi Island Resort [Guest Shop], Medhufushi Island Resort [Jewellery Shop, Medhufushi Island Resort [Staff Shop]
144 1098390 Mega Capital Private Limited C08912018 Lonadhoo Hiyaa, Henveiru, Male' City Mega Capital Private Limited
145 1017904 Mega Foods Pvt Ltd C-1048/2008 Raiy Villa, Maafannu, Male' City Baywatch Restaurent, Gourmet (Goamet), Mega Foods (Counter), Gourmet Mart
146 1017612 MHR Trading Pvt Ltd C-0091/2006 Snoopy, Henveiru, Male' City Mhr Trading Pvt Ltd, Tharukaaree Fihaara, Wholesale Fihaara, V Nine Enterprise, Star Orchid, Mhr Trade, Raa Atholhu Fihaara, Hotel Memory
147 1003586 Midsea Shipping Line Company Pvt Ltd C-0136/2001 Silver Star, Maafannu, Male' City Midsea Shipping Line Company Pvt Ltd
148 1002061 Mild Steel Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0206/2005 Kadhurumaage, Maafannu, Male' City Mild Steel Maldives Pvt. Ltd, Mild Steel Maldives (Counter), Mild Steel Hardware, Mild Steel Hardware
149 1055518 Mist Air Private Limited C-0362/2015 Moon Light, Galolhu, Male' City Mist Air Private Limited
150 1024084 Mohamed Abdul Raheem A105629 Gulfaam, Maduvvari, R. Aalaa ( Dhoani ), Fulhu Construction
151 1007369 Mohamed Adil A045360 White Waves, Maafushi, K. Achaa, Handheygiri 2, C1A1824, Venturo, Venturo Restaurant, Maafushi Tours, Maafushi Scuba, Aachaa 2, Blue Sea-2
152 1008291 Mohamed Mausoom A073978 White Sand, Gadhdhoo, GDh. M Support Network
153 1035537 Mohamed Nabith A122850 Fannuveli, Maafannu, Male' City Papa Sam'S
154 1043244 Mohamed Riyaz A284645 Zamaanee Kula, Rasmaadhoo, R. Mix Veg
155 1010024 Mohamed Shamleen A117076 Kandu Fehi, Vilingili, GA. Kandufehi Mart, Kandufehi Corner, Kandufehi Investment
156 1047346 Moonrise Maldives Private Limited C-0344/2014 Medhuriyaa, Maafannu, Male' City Moonrise Maldives Private Limited, Moonrise Maldives Private Limited
157 1000121 Mount Lavinia Hotels And Resorts Pvt Ltd C-0953/2007 Aage, Henveiru, Male' City Vakarufalhi Island Resort, Vakarufushi Island Resort Management, Vakarufalhi Island Resort Bar (30/04/201, Vakarufalhi Island Resort Restaurant, Hot Spot-Vakarufalhi Island Resort
158 1065605 Multi Pro Engineering Private Limited C-0332/2016 Milano, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Multi Pro Engineering Private Limited, Keyn Dinning, Dhaan Retreat
159 1019909 Nasheeda Jaufar A033916 Pleasure Way, Hulhudhoo, Addu City Allamanda
160 1023374 Neesha Investment Pvt Ltd C-0675/2012 Valuge, Fenfushi, ADh. Neesha Investment Pvt Ltd
161 1001679 New Palm Company Pvt Ltd C-0215/2006 Kunnaarumaage, Henveiru, Male' City New Palm Company Pvt Ltd
162 1012614 Nexo Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0573/2012 Chandhaneege, Hoarafushi, HA. Nexo Maldives (Counter)
163 1088837 Nino (M) Sdn Bhd NINO (M) SDN BHD Oasis Square Ara Damansara, Block D, , Nino (M) Sdn Bhd
164 1061322 NIS Company Private Limited C-1087/2015 Vinares, Fonadhoo, L. Nis Company Private Limited
165 1062519 No Haas Private Limited C-1184/2015 Kithu, Maafannu, Male' City No Haas Private Limited, The Goatfish Café And Bistro
166 1089958 Noaker Private Limited C00882018 Vilaathu Kunnaruge, Maafannu, Male' City Noaker Private Limited, Noaker
167 1012344 Ocean Hunter Private Limited C-0699/2010 Dhonjeymuge Aage, Henveiru, Male' City Ocean Hunter Private Limited
168 1003004 Ok Maldives Diving Safaris Pvt Ltd C-0896/2009 Stella, Maafannu, Male' City Ok Maldives Diving Safaris Pvt Ltd
169 1001879 Oliva Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0034/2006 Koani, Maafannu, Male' City Oliva Supplies Counter, Oliva Trade (Counter)
170 1048180 Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (India) FC-0002/2013 Rain View Apatment/Lot No 10651, Hulhumale', Kaafu Atoll Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (India)
171 1072644 P.E.S Marine Services Private Limited C-1015/2016 Fulhafi, Galolhu, Male' City P.E.S Marine Serivices Private Limited
172 1012852 Pinhole Pvt Ltd C-0627/2012 Dhilaasaage, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Pinhole Pvt Ltd
173 1001469 Platinum Capital Holdings Pvt Ltd C-0702/2005 MF Building, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Water Garden Island Spa, Eriyadhoo Island Resort, Cat Fish, Platinum Capital Holdings (Counter), Eriyadhoo Island Resort Shop, Eriyadhoo Island Resort Management, Eriyadhoo Island Resort Restaurant, Eriyadhoo Island Resort Bar, Cat Fish Bar, Mf Trust
174 1076171 Poise Distributors Private Limited C-0013/2017 Boduga Villa, Galolhu, Male' City Poise Distributors Private Limited, Poise Perfumes
175 1003054 Polycom Investments Pvt Ltd C-0627/1980 Lifadhoo, Galolhu, Male' City Asdhu Sun Island, Velidhoo Island Resort, Velidhoo Island Resort Managment, Velidhoo Island Resort Bar, Velidhoo Island Resort Restaurant, Velidu Staff Shop
176 1009329 Prominent Resources Pvt Ltd C-0101/2011 Ahmadhee Aabaadhu, Maafannu, Male' City Prominent Resources Pvt Ltd, Prominent Resources (Counter), Nazaki Hardware, Prominent Stores
177 1011097 Rabarey Company Private Limited C-0512/2008 Real Night, Henveiru, Male' City Rabarey Company Private Limited
178 1047375 Reethi Rasdhoo Atoll Company Pvt Ltd C-0226/2014 Lilymeed, Rasdhoo, AA. Reethi Rasdhoo Atoll Company Pvt Ltd, Coconut Garden, Rasdhoo Atoll Residence
179 1019748 Risktake Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0181/2013 Aanooraanee, Galolhu, Male' City Mini Grocery, Tiny Grocery, Risk Take, Tool Tap, Iosio
180 1077234 RN. Rentals Private Limited C-0125/2017 Naheedhee Manzil, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Rn. Rentals Private Limited
181 1087275 RPM Private Limited C-1028/2017 Loozaa, Galolhu, Male' City Rpm Private Limited
182 1063056 Sand Coin Investments Private Limited C-0051/2016 Samandharu, Maafannu, Male' City Sand Coin Investments Private Limited
183 1057181 Saramy Private Limited C-0561/2015 Binaa, Thimarafushi, Th. Saramy Private Limited
184 1070810 Saud & Sisters Private Limited C-0864/2016 Nooree Fehi, Fuvahmulah Funaadu, Fuvahmulah City Saud & Sisters Private Limited, Le Vieux Nice Inn
185 1092938 Save The Dream Maldives Private Limited C04262018 Thandhinoomaage, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Save The Dream Maldives Private Limited, Rihiveli Beach Resort, Rihiveli Beach Resort Bar, La Boutique
186 1059594 Seafari Adventures Maldives Private Limited C-0865/2015 Shafaq, Galolhu, Male' City Seafari Adventures Maldives Private Limited, Seafari Adventures Maldives
187 1056000 Seashuttle Maldives Private Limited C-0405/2015 Aage, Henveiru, Male' City Seashuttle Maldives Private Limited
188 1077564 Selfix Hardware Private Limited C-0136/2017 Vaifini, Henveiru, Male' City Selfix Hardware Private Limited, Selfix Hardware
189 1062466 Senok Trade Combine (Private) Limited FC-0027/2015 Milano, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Senok Trade Combine (Private) Limited
190 1083442 SGM Private Limited C-0669/2017 Gallandhoo, Maafannu, Male' City Sgm Private Limited, Sgm
191 1000743 Sharu Launch Service Pvt Ltd C-0550/2008 Meerubahuruge Aage, Henveiru, Male' City Sharu Launch Service
192 1091373 Sibco Foods Private Limited C02302018 MF Building, Maafannu, Male' City Sibco Foods Private Limited, One Bazar
193 1114043 Sibco Retails Private Limited C01812020 MF Building, Maafannu, Male' City Sibco Retails Private Limited, Family Grocer
194 1050955 Sinaaee Construction Private Limited C-0874/2014 Sayaa, Fuvahmulah Hoadhandu, Gn. Sinaaee Construction Private Limited
195 1071073 Sino Great Wall International Engineering Co Ltd FC-0017/2016 Magma, Henveiru, Male' City Sino Great Wall International Engineering Co Ltd
196 1002204 SK Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0542/2005 Ottaru, Galolhu, Male' City Sk Maldives Pvt Ltd, Sk Maldives Counter
197 1017516 Sky Light Work Shop Pvt Ltd C-0487/2005 Blue Grass, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Skylight Workshop Pvt Ltd
198 1048153 Skyedge Private Limited C-0541/2014 Carnation Villa, Henveiru, Male' City Skyedge Private Limited, Itsy Bitsy, Itsy Bitsy
199 1076872 Skyler Private Limited C-0085/2017 Coral Ville, Hulhumale', Male' City Skyler Private Limited
200 1085556 Smart Investment Private Limited C-0852/2017 Hulhumale' Flat No C2-3-C, Hulhumale', Male' City Smart Investment Private Limited, Cafe' Yuvie, Dhi Fish
201 1060339 Sound House Private Limited C-0982/2015 Vilnaa, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Sound House Private Limited
202 1010459 Speed Air Cargo Net Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0686/2011 Faamdheyrige, Maafannu, Male' City Speed Air Cargo Net Maldives P
203 1011151 Speed Business Services Pvt Ltd C-0082/2012 Sto Aifaanu Building, Henveiru, Male' City Speed Business Services Counter, Speed Travels And Tours, Speed Business Services Pvt Ltd, Treasure Maldives By Sbs
204 1067209 Speed Link Global Private Limited C-0539/2016 Luxury Home, Henveiru, Male' City Speed Link Global Private Limited, Speed Link Global
205 1086813 Splendour Group Private Limited C-0997/2017 Maliku View, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Splendour Group Private Limited, Splendour Mart, Splendour Fresh, Safi Shopping
206 1078198 Sri Avantika Contractors (I) Limited FC-0003/2017 610B Nilgiri Block, (Hyderabad), Hyderabad, Hyderabad Sri Avantika Contractors (I) Limited
207 1019203 Strada Pvt Ltd C-0045/2013 Alihavaa Building, Maafannu, Male' City Strada Pvt Ltd, New Port, Strada (Counter), New Port (Counter), Eventco, Reethi Cafe, Newport View, Newport Indian, Newport Bakery, Chatime
208 1100160 Strexo Maldives LLP P01932018 Aidhooge, Galolhu, Male' City Strexo Maldives Llp, Big Mao, Strexo Maldives
209 1000554 Summer Season Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0309/2004 Senekaa, Maafannu, Male' City Funamauddua
210 1001472 Sun Sporting Holidays Ltd MTI-C/101/99/149 Coal Field, Henveiru, Male' City Palm Beach Memento, Palm Beach Island, Palm Beach Resort & Spa Maldives Bar, Palm Beach Resort & Spa Maldives Restaur, Palm Beach Souvenir Shop, Spacy Shop, Palm Beach Resort & Spa Maldives Managem, Palm Beach Staff Shop
211 1001854 Sunrise Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0135/1999 Sto Trade Center, Maafannu, Male' City Foreign Tourist Vessle, Lasakura Restaurant, The Olive Garden, Sunrise Hotel Suppliers (Counter), The Royal Garden Cafe', Sunrise Maldives Pvt Ltd, Sunrise Maldives Private Limited
212 1080320 Suntria Private Limited C-0428/2017 Three Rose, Maradhoo-Feydhoo, Addu City Suntria Private Limited, Suntria, Hulhumale Pharmacy
213 1077231 T - Tox Holdings Private Limited C-0126/2017 Fanari, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City T - Tox Holdings Private Limited, Baywatch Central, Baywatch Central
214 1001594 Tangy Glo Investments Pvt Ltd C-0575/2004 Dhonfan, Maafannu, Male' City Novity Kitchen, Tangy Glo Investments Pvt Ltd
215 1078950 Tatweeru Private Limited C-0293/2017 Malafehi, Maafannu, Male' City Alpha Logistics Private Limited
216 1091743 T-Bone Cafe' P00542018 Blue Sapphire, Henveiru, Male' City T-Bone Cafe'
217 1012272 Ten Forty Tech Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0647/2011 Bremen, Galolhu, Male' City Ten Forty Tech Maldives Pvt Ltd
218 1091132 The Perfect Travel Group Private Limited C02182018 Davos, Henveiru, Male' City The Perfect Travel Group Private Limited, The Perfect Travel Group
219 1047177 The Small Maldives Island Co. Pte. Ltd. FC-0007/2013 120 No Fihaara, Maafannu, Male' City The Small Maldives Island Co. Pte. Ltd.
220 1070444 Toulouse Holdings Private Limited C-0836/2016 Free Park, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Toulouse Holdings Private Limited, Toulouse
221 1083178 Transida Private Limited C-0645/2017 Dhoores, Maafannu, Male' City Transida Private Limited, Transida, The Cocoa Trees
222 1006467 Transmal International Pvt Ltd C-0245/1996 Galolhu Aage, Galolhu, Male' City Marine Boutique (Counter)
223 1025086 Trav Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0670/2013 Sheereen Villa, Henveiru, Male' City Trav Maldives Pvt Ltd, Liyela Retreat, Raha By Liyela, Trav Maldives
224 1049304 Travel Butler Maldives Private Limited C-0637/2014 Hulhumale' Lot 10111, Hulhumale', Male' City Travel Butler Maldives Private Limited, Aamu Travel
225 1003736 Travelers Street Private Limited C-0394/2010 Kafagasdhoshuge, Maafannu, Male' City Travelers Street Pvt Ltd
226 1004059 Trimarine Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0016/2008 Midland, Henveiru, Male' City Tripower, Trimarine Maldives (Counter)
227 1017690 Trip Concept Pvt Ltd C-0993/2007 Mehelige, Henveiru, Male' City Trip Concept Pvt Ltd, Mantha Cruise Bar, Manthaa Cruise
228 1011335 True Service Company Private Limited C-0710/2007 Nooru Villa, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City True Service Company Pvt Ltd, True Service Company (Counter)
229 1011639 Ukulhas Mifco Fisheries Pvt Ltd C-0007/2011 Blue Line, Galolhu, Male' City Ukulhas Mifco Fisheries Pvt Ltd
230 1018903 Ummeedhee Press Printers & Publishers Pvt Ltd C-0714/2012 Bondimaage, Maafannu, Male' City Ummeedhee Chaapukhaanaa
231 1005527 V.A.M & Company Pvt Ltd C-0087/1998 Muhdhoo, Maafannu, Male' City V.A.M Co, Baraabaru Blocks, Vamco Bonded Warehouse, V.A.M & Company, V.A.M & Company Pvt Ltd, Baraabaru Fiber, Baraabaru Carpentry, Vamco Service Center, Aaros
232 1017747 Vantha Pvt Ltd C-0530/2010 Vaarey Villa, Maafannu, Male' City Vantha Pvt Ltd, Vantha(Counter)
233 1005589 View Construction Private Limited C-0248/2007 Vahaari, Maafannu, Male' City View Construction (Counter), View Construction Private Limited, View Mart
234 1046520 Vincolato Pvt Ltd C-0086/2014 Eththeyomaage, Galolhu, Male' City Vincolato Pvt Ltd, Vincolato
235 1048276 Visitens Travels And Tours Private Limited C-0579/2014 Wellgrow, Henveiru, Male' City Visitens Travels And Tours Pvt Ltd, Cafe Lyre, Visitens Travels And Tours Pvt Ltd, The White Harp Inn
236 1006473 Viuga Solutions Pvt Ltd C-0749/2007 Galolhu Aage, Galolhu, Male' City Viuga.Com
237 1081924 W & A Overseas Pte. Ltd. FC-0008/2017 Chevalier House, , W & A Overseas Pte. Ltd., Development Of Residential Apartment Blocks In Hulhumale' Phase Ii
238 1078803 W.S.S Construction Private Limited C-0284/2017 Zebeyi, Maafannu, Male' City W.S.S Construction Private Limited
239 1066609 Walkers CML International Private Limited C-0451/2016 Whale Shark, Maafannu, Male' City Walkers Cml International Private Limited, Walkers Cml International
240 1009809 WCW Pvt Ltd C-0666/2005 Sithaaraa, Maafannu, Male' City Welding And Construction Works, W.C.W Welding & Construction Works, W.C.W Welding And Construction Works (Counter)
241 1017664 Wheel Pvt Ltd C-0084/2001 Delight Villa, Henveiru, Male' City Wheel Pvt Ltd
242 1074885 White Knight Private Limited C-1042/2016 Comrade Hiya, Galolhu, Male' City White Knight Private Limited, White Almond
243 1080864 Widence Maldives Private Limited C-0464/2017 Binmaage, Eydhafushi, B. Widence Maldives Private Limited, Rasvaaru
244 1106623 Wincent Enterprises Private Limited C06702019 Gaaviyaa, Maafannu, Male' City Wincent Enterprises Private Limited
245 1020007 Wolf Pvt Ltd C-0193/2013 Gul Alaamaage, Henveiru, Male' City Wolf (Counter), Wolf
246 1018046 Yonder Holidays Pvt Ltd C-0333/2012 Kolhala, Henveiru, Male' City Yonder Holidays Pvt Ltd, Yonder Retreat Folhudhoo
247 1002908 Your Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0269/2005 Shafag, Galolhu, Male' City Your Maldives Pvt Ltd, Your Maldives Pvt Ltd
248 1017725 Yuman Enterprises Pvt Ltd C-0828/2006 Banff Villa, Maafannu, Male' City Yuman Construction Pvt Ltd, Yuman [Counter]
249 1064927 Zab Construction Private Limited C-0286/2016 Thilaakolhu, Maafannu, Male' City Zab Construction Private Limited
250 1000974 Abdulla Zuhuree A003205 Sithaanaa, Fuvahmulah Funaadu, Fuvahmulah City Sithaana Store, Sithaana Store, Sithaana Homeware-Maamendhoo, Sithaana Homeware-Villigili
251 1001606 Ahmed Ibrahim Didi A025367 Keytha, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Campus, Mother & Baby Land
252 1002525 Ahmed Lassan Mohamed A149102 New Zeal, Thinadhoo, GDH. New Chain
253 1043912 Ahmed Waseem A047443 Oidhuni, Thulusdhoo, K. King Marine (Dhoani), King And Queen Investment, K And Q, King & Queen (Launch), Jadestone, King Stone
254 1009057 Ajhad Abdulla A063781 Javaahirumaage, Eydhafushi, B. A.J.E Emporium
255 1000317 Antifire Company Pvt Ltd C-0002/1997 Graces, Galolhu, Male' City Anti Fire Showroom
256 1012489 Asian Academy Of Aeronautics Pvt Ltd C-0953/2008 Sunshine, Maafannu, Male' City Asian Academy Of Aeronautics Pvt Ltd
257 1017983 Aspire Heavenly Holidays Pvt Ltd C-0800/2011 Fairy Villa, Maafannu, Male' City Aspire Heavenly Holidays, Aspire Travels, Aspire Photo Studio
258 1017498 Athama Marine Pvt Ltd C-0122/1992 Beach Tower, Henveiru, Male' City Athama Marine Pvt Ltd, Athama Marine Trade (Counter), Kihaadhuffaru
259 1001558 Atoll Arch Pvt Ltd C-0017/2010 Ochid Ufa, Maduvvari, R. Atoll Arch Pvt Ltd, Atoll Arch
260 1001623 Atoll Logistics Pvt Ltd C-0010/2009 Madhan, Maafannu, Male' City Atoll Logistics, Atoll Logistics Counter
261 1005100 B.T. Aqua & Sports Pvt Ltd C-0716/2010 Thandiraiymaage, Henveiru, Male' City Bluetribe Moofushi, B.T. Aqua & Sports, Blue Dream Rihiveli
262 1000858 Bon Free Private Limited C-0563/2006 Aage (East Wing), Henveiru, Male' City Jw Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa, Jw Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa Management, Jw Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa Restaurant, Jw Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa Bar, Bon Free Private Limited, Bon Free, Jw Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa Management
263 1087853 Citrus Garden Private Limited C-1110/2017 Maliku View, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Citrus Garden Private Limited, Bazar Thundi, Bazar Thundi-2, Friday Kitchen
264 1075757 Coral Island Resorts Maldives Private Limited C-1236/2016 Thuniya Building, Henveiru, Male' City Coral Island Resorts Maldives Private Limited, Kihaa Maldives, Kihaa Maldives Management, Kihaa Maldives Restaurant, Kihaa Maldives Bar
265 1001313 Dhivehi Viuga Pvt Ltd C-0156/2005 Sonary, Henveiru, Male' City Ark Venture Bar, Dhivehi Viuga (Counter), Dhivehi Viuga Pvt Ltd, Cafe' Express, Ark Noble (Safari Vessel), Ark Fleet, Ark Noble
266 1019556 Dhoores Retreat Pvt Ltd C-0145/2013 Haivakaruge, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Dhoores Retreat Pvt Ltd, Aaaveee Nature'S Paradise
267 1008666 Dreams Holding Pvt Ltd C-0024/2008 Bangufadigge Irumatheebai, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Dreams Mobile Lte, Foot Step, Dream Style, M.Asal, Dreams Heel, Dreams Holding Private Limited, Dreams Mobile Plus, Dreams Mobile Pro, Biriyani Royal
268 1120711 Excel Private Limited C04512020 Hulhumale' Flat 174-2-06, Hulhumale', Male' City Excel Private Limited
269 1017538 Fahamas Group Pvt Ltd C-0344/2000 Chandhaneege, Maafannu, Male' City Fahamas Hardware, Fahamas
270 1007081 Hama Investment Pvt Ltd C-0161/2006 Vaarutha, Fuvahmulah Hoadhandu, Fuvahmulah City Royal Restaurant, The Lake House Restaurent, Hama Investment Pvt Ltd, Pebbles By Royal
271 1031954 Hassan Solih A160838 Suvaasaage, Fuvahmulah Dhoodigan, Fuvahmulah City Choice Mart
272 1001102 Haza Construction Pvt Ltd C-0413/2009 Carnation Villa, Henveiru, Male' City Haza Construction Pvt Ltd, Haza Construction (Counter), Haza Construction, Male' Laundry
273 1001403 Ibrahim Rasheed Ali A034201 Makhmaage, Galolhu, Male' City Haama, Haama, Haama, Haama, Haama
274 1057619 Ikebana Private Limited C-0607/2015 Florida Lodge, Henveiru, Male' City Ikebana Private Limited, Star Cactus, Florist, Florist, Cactus, Cactus, Ikebana (Counter)
275 1003513 Inner Maldives Holidays Pvt Ltd C-0162/1998 Faalandhoshuge Aage, Henveiru, Male' City Inner Maldives Holidays (Counter), Inner Maldives Holidays Pvt Ltd
276 1071132 Jaah Investments Private Limited C-0890/2016 Reenaa, Maafannu, Male' City Jaah Investments Private Limited
277 1051465 K.I.M Group Private Limited C-0955/2014 Fathaha, Maafannu, Male' City K.I.M Group Private Limited, K.I.M Group (Counter)
278 1002265 Maalaa High Rising Constructions Pvt Ltd C-0305/2005 Eriyadhoo, Galolhu, Male' City Maalaa High Rising Construction (Counter)
279 1002022 Marry Brown Family Restaurant Pvt Ltd C-0368/2008 Rosary View, Galolhu, Male' City China Garden, Marry Brown Family Restaurant Pvt Ltd, China Garden, China Garden Hulhumale', China Garden Maafushi, Paradise Retreat, Coral Square, Professional Bakers, Resto Cafe Maafushi, Resto Cafe, Price Line, Spicynet
280 1000941 Meriediam Services Private Limited C-0374/1996 Haali, Henveiru, Male' City Meriediam Services Private Limited, Meridium Traders, Global Electronics, All Sports, Oil Pack, Meriediam Filling
281 1008938 Mohamed Ahmed A040222 Petral, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Peetays, Maafannu Mart
282 1053822 Oilbiz Private Limited C-0214/2015 Huvandhumaage, Kandoodhoo, Th. Oilbiz Private Limited
283 1024522 Paraiso Pvt Ltd C-0599/2013 Kudadhunmaarige, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Paraiso Private Limited, V - Fresh
284 1025002 Propharma Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0644/2013 Okkafage, Henveiru, Male' City Propharma Maldives Pvt Ltd, Propharma Maldives (Counter)
285 1001537 Q1 Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0781/2009 Izumiaan, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Q1 Maldives Pvt Ltd
286 1069296 Qualitat Education Private Limited C-0672/2016 Hulhumale Flat -24-01-03, Hulhumale', Male' City Qualitat Education Private Limited
287 1061727 Republic Engineers Maldives Private Limited C-1130/2015 Maadheli, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Republic Engineers Maldives Private Limited, Republic Engineers Maldives
288 1006916 Rugiyya Ali A106816 Asareege, Eydhafushi, B. Fasmugoo
289 1062720 Sibco Pvt Ltd C-0029/2016 MF Building, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Sibco Pvt Ltd, Sibco, Sibco, Blue By Sibco, Sibco Fuvahmulah, Sibco Addu
290 1012745 Tag Construction & Supply Pvt Ltd C-0640/2012 Hulhumale' Ferry Terminal, Henveiru, Male' City Tag Construction & Supply (Counter), Tag Construction & Supply Pvt Ltd
291 1001596 Tennssor Holdings Pvt Ltd C-0171/2007 Maaram, Henveiru, Male' City Tennssor (Counter), Eezee Load, Tennssor (Counter), Tennssor Holdings Pvt Ltd, Tenor-03, Nova Studio, Tennssor Holdings
292 1019179 Teo Investment Pvt Ltd C-0053/2013 Maahara, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Teo Investment Pvt Ltd, Teo Investment (Counter)
293 1024429 Tranz Gate One Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0604/2013 4/3 Faamudheyri Magu, Henveiru, Male' City Tranz Gate One Maldives Pvt Ltd, Tranz Gate One Maldives (Counter)
294 1000351 Yeoman Agencies (Maldives) Pvt Ltd C-0126/1996 Finiuni Maage, Henveiru, Male' City Yeoman Agencies Maldives Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Maldives Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Bonded Warehouse, Yeoman Agencies Maldives Bonded Warehouse
295 1002560 Zebra Cross Pvt Ltd C-0135/2010 Dhilaasaage, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Zebra Cross Pvt Ltd, Zebra Cross, The Galleria Cafe' & Bistro
296 1102581 Zero Fee Private Limited C02432019 Maliku View, Machchangolhi, Male' City Zero Fee Private Limited, Bazar Finolhu

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