Non Compliers

Income Tax/ Non Payers

Non-payers of Income Tax for the taxable periods due as of 31st December 2021 (Published on 31st October 2022)

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No TIN Taxpayer Name Registration No Address Activities
1 1011115 3 Brothers Pvt Ltd C-0173/2005 Maldives Ports Authority, Maafannu, Male' City 3 Brothers Pvt Ltd, Tropical Village
2 1005406 4 Pals Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0687/2007 Sheereen Villa, Henveiru, Male' City 4 Pals Maldives Counter, Fresh More Trade, Kaadu Fihaara, 4 Pals Maldives Pvt Ltd, Fresh More Trade 1, Cereza
3 1013073 Abdul Rahman Abdulla A130669 Lhakuri, Maafannu, Male' City Bantheyo Cafe, Nar Investment, Bolifushi Island Resort Staff Shop
4 1027786 Abdulla Ziyad A007719 Ever Blue, Ukulhas, AA. Nevi Transfer Service
5 1025068 AKDA Engineers International Pvt Ltd (PV) 8993 Hasowa Building, Henveiru, Male' City Akda Engineersinternational Pvt Ltd
6 1018747 B.Resorts Investment Pvt Ltd C-0542/2011 Neem, Galolhu, Male' City Bathala Island Resort, B.Resorts Investment Pvt Ltd
7 1091424 Canadian Crystalline Water India Limited FC00102018 Fusthulhaamaage, Henveiru, Male' City Canadian Crystalline Water India Limited
8 1000131 Centurion Transport Solutions Pvt Ltd C-0510/2010 Heenavill, Maafannu, Male' City Centurion Transport Solutions, Centurion Fuel, Centurion Transport Solutions (Counter)
9 1065196 Chang Hua Construction Pte Ltd FC-0008/2016 Ahigasdhoshuge, Maafannu, Male' City Chang Hua Construction Pte Ltd, Chang Hua Construction Pte Ltd
10 1001313 Dhivehi Viuga Pvt Ltd C-0156/2005 Sonary, Henveiru, Male' City Ark Venture Bar, Dhivehi Viuga (Counter), Dhivehi Viuga Pvt Ltd, Cafe' Express, Ark Noble (Safari Vessel), Ark Fleet, Ark Noble
11 1001092 Echsons Private Limited C-0580/2005 Luxury Home, Henveiru, Male' City Echsons Private Limited, Speed Automobiles
12 1010753 Endheri And Sons Pvt Ltd C-0611/2009 Green Life, Maafannu, Male' City Endheri And Sons Pvt Ltd
13 1001348 Endow Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0117/2008 Utheemuge, Galolhu, Male' City Endow Maldives Pvt Ltd, Endow Maldives, Village Coffees And Tea, Village Coffees And Tea Premium, Village Pastry, Village Pastry
14 1003487 GMR Male' International Airport Pvt Ltd C-0490/2010 Uthuruvehi, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City -
15 1011282 Ibrahim Shareef A050157 Dhafthar No Rs 9983, Maafannu, Male' City Laamu Atoll Fihaara, Baazaaru Gahana, Kids Corner, U Right, Gahana Traders, Ahuja Radio'S
16 1000195 Jaah Private Limited C-0253/1994 Reenaa, Maafannu, Male' City Jcc 2, Jcc, Jaah Private Limited, Jcc 2
17 1017924 Jaufar Ali A048505 Vaguthu, Kulhudhuffushi, HDh. J A Rentals, Dharuma, Oivaali Construction Carpentry, Sufura Mathi, Edhema, J.A Store, Araamagu, Emuni, Oivaali, Vani
18 1002919 M.A.T Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0015/1981 Vahaari, Mahchangoalhi, Male' City Rihiveli Beach Resort Restaurent, Rihiveli Beach Resort Bar, Rihiveli Beach Resort Management, Rihiveli Shop, Rihiveli Shop, M.A.T Maldives Pvt Ltd
19 1003161 Medhufushi Investment Pvt Ltd C-0005/1985 Neem Building, Galolhu, Male' City Vaaly Brothers 2, Medhufushi Island Resort, Vaaly Brothers 1, Medhufushi Island Resort Cofee Shop, Medhufushi Island Resort Management, Medhufushi Island Resort Bar, Medhufushi Island Resort Restaurant, Medhufushi Island Resort [Guest Shop], Medhufushi Island Resort [Jewellery Shop, Medhufushi Island Resort [Staff Shop]
20 1002061 Mild Steel Maldives Pvt Ltd C-0206/2005 Kadhurumaage, Maafannu, Male' City Mild Steel Maldives Pvt. Ltd, Mild Steel Maldives (Counter), Mild Steel Hardware, Mild Steel Hardware
21 1009099 Mohamed Faisal A007336 Hulhumale' Lot No. 10104, Hulhumale', Male' City I.W Builders Ware (Iw / I W), Bike Buzz
22 1058991 Nawaloka Construction Company (Private) Limited FC-0015/2015 Fun Vilu, Henveiru, Male' City Nawaloka Construction Company (Private) Limited
23 1017170 Nizar Ahmed A037470 Edhuruge, Fuvahmulah Dhoodigan, Gn. Honey View Plaza, One Eleven, One Seven Eleven
24 1000111 Rainbow Construction Pvt Ltd C-0275/2002 Maarana, Galolhu, Male' City Rainbow Construction Pvt Ltd, Rainbow Constructions (Counter), Rainbow Hardware
25 1056000 Seashuttle Maldives Private Limited C-0405/2015 Aage, Henveiru, Male' City Seashuttle Maldives Private Limited
26 1001281 South Enterprises Private Limited C-0053/1998 North Breeze, Galolhu, Male' City South Enterprises Private Limited, South Catering, Mt Canteen, South Wings Cafe', South Supplies, Nim Traders, South Beach Café, Dulce By South, South Enterprises
27 1003961 T.E.P Construction Pvt Ltd C-0304/1995 Unikuri, Henveiru, Male' City Tepcon, Tepcon Display, Tepcon Hardware, Tepcon Hardware 2, Tepcon Hardware 4, T.E.P Construction Pvt Ltd, Tepcon Show
28 1004932 Two H Brothers Company Pvt Ltd C-0768/2009 Faze, Maafannu, Male' City Two H Brothers Company Pvt Ltd, 2 Hb Gift Shop, 2 Hb Handhu Runbaa Cafe', Yanaal (Boat)
29 1081924 W & A Overseas Pte. Ltd. FC-0008/2017 Chevalier House, , W & A Overseas Pte. Ltd., Development Of Residential Apartment Blocks In Hulhumale' Phase Ii
30 1096445 Water Engineering Services (FZE) FC00172018 600 M2 Warehouse Q4-115, , Water Engineering Services (Fze)

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